The Guardian interviews Clinton.


‘Mandela helped me survive Monicagate, Arafat could not make the leap to peace – and for days John Major wouldn’t take my calls’

On the eve of the publication of his eagerly anticipated $10m autobiography, Bill Clinton speaks exclusively to Alan Rusbridger and Jonathan Freedland in New York

Monday June 21, 2004
The Guardian
The stars have come out, just as they always did. There’s Uma Thurman, hair beacon-blonde. Glenn Close gives a little wave, taking up her place just a few seats away. Spike Lee is here somewhere. Officially, they’ve all come to the Skirball Center in New York’s SoHo district for a movie premiere. But the truth is that tonight is only peripherally about a film. The performance this starry, liberal crowd really want to see is by the man who became the most divisive figure in American life since Richard Nixon, the man who was hailed, even by his enemies, as the most gifted politician of the post-war era. They’re here to witness the rebirth of Bill Clinton.

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