Prime Minister of Terror: Who is Allawi?

Prime Minister of Terror: Who is Allawi?

By Ghali Hassan 

06/21/04: “ICH”  — On 30 June  2004, Mr. Iyad Allawi will switch his position from the Iraqi Governing Council (IGC) to be come the Iraq’s new Prime  Minister in the new named Iraqi Interim Government (IIG),  another creature of the U.S. Nothing will change for the Iraqi  People. The Iraqi people are very sceptical and despised those  expatriates the U.S. piggybacked to Baghdad. For Mr. Allawi and  his clique, they will be richer and brutal. Mr. Allawi will  appear on American TV screens as often as possible, simply to  legitimise the occupation of Iraq.  

Mr. Allawi is a secular of prominent Moslem  merchant family. He was a former member of the Baath Party  underground movement, and was in Saddam’s regime unti1 1979. His wealthy family was close to the royal family that ruled before  Saddam Hussein took power. After falling out of favour with  Saddam, Allawi sought exile in London, where he developed a  relationship with Britain’s MI-6 intelligence service during the  1980s, and eventually he also formed a relationship with the  CIA. Allawi  and Chalabi are related by marriage, have been alternately rivals and allies. Chalabi had a bitter break-up with the CIA in  the 1990s but became close with the Pentagon. Meanwhile, Allawi  and his Iraqi National Accord (INA) organization have solid  relationships with the CIA and State Department. 

In 1991, Allawi with Salih Omar Ali Al-Tikriti  founded the INA as an opposition to Saddam’s Baath Party. Both  were ex-Baathist and former supporters of Saddam’s regime.  Salih Al-Tikriti viewed as unsavoury by the U.S. The INA  constituted of disillusioned former Baathists from the military  and security fields. With support from the CIA and MI-6, the INA  instigated a coup d’étate within the Iraqi Army, the attempt  ended disastrously. In London, Allawi’s job was to keep an eye on Iraqi students studying in the UK. After moving to London in  1971 as a medical student he received payment from the Iraqi  embassy there. It is also alleged that he did not quit the Baath party until 1975, and that he escaped an assassination attempt  on his life in 1978. 

According to Patrick Cockburn of The Independent  of London, “[Allawi] is the person through whom  the controversial claim was channelled that Iraqi weapons of  mass destruction could be operational in 45 minutes”. This  lie, helped prepare the British citizens to support Tony Blair messianic war on Iraq. In January 2004 a New York  spokesman for Allawi acknowledged this was in fact “a crock of  shit.” Almost sounds like the new Prime Minister has learned  his skill of lying from his masters in London and Washington. 

The Iraqi Girl Blog,  Baghdad Burning, wrote on 18 June 2002: “Iyad Allawi is  completely America and Britain’s boy. He has been on the  CIA’s payroll for quite some time now and I don’t think anyone was particularly surprised when he was made Prime  Minister. The cabinet of ministers is an interesting concoction  of exiled Iraqis, Kurdish Iraqis who were in the northern region  and a few Iraqis who were actually living inside of Iraq”. 

Like  Chalabi, Allawi too was appointed to the IGC.  He has been responsible for overseeing the council’s security  committee of the IGC. His position in  the IGC was to recruit new army, police and intelligent members,  a job he had under Saddam. Allawi was a member of Hunein, a  security apparatus headed by Saddam Hussein. He has always  opposed to the purging of members of the Baath party from senior  government posts. I wonder if Mr. Allawi is not able to  resurrect some of “Saddam’s doubles”. The mainstream media  and particularly the BBC used to be obsessed with Saddam’s  doubles. Where on earth are Saddam’s famed look-alikes?  

The choice of Iyad Allawi as Iraq’s prime  minister of the upcoming IIG was “forced by the United States  as a fait accompli on the UN and the Iraqi people. He was  an American candidate than one of the UN or the Iraqis  themselves. “When we first heard the news today, we thought  that the [IGC] had hijacked the process”, a senior U.N.  official said. Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN special envoy to Iraq  resigned as a result of his failure to stand up to the U.S. and  show some credibility in Iraq. Once again, the UN failed the  Iraqi people and denied them their legitimate human rights. Allawi’s choice and his close ties with the U.S. came in a  country where public opinion has grown almost universally  hostile to the Americans. Recent polls reveal that Mr. Allawi  has almost 5 percent supports, just below the president, with a  7 percent approval rating. 

In Washington and London, Mr. Allawi is well  connected, but in Iraq everyone mistrusts Mr Allawi. Extensive  PR campaign last year to built support in Washington rather than  in Baghdad seemed to pay off. Danielle Pletka, a Middle East  analyst at the American Enterprise Institute, a Washington think  tank, said: “It was a bid for influence, and it was money well  spent”.  “Allawi has always assumed, in many ways correctly, that he didn’t need  a constituency in Iraq as long as he had one in Washington”,  Pletka added.  

According to report by Jim Drinkard of USA Today:  “Lobbying records show that the law firm of Preston Gates  Ellis & Rouvelas Meeds and the New York public relations  firm of Brown Lloyd James engaged in a flurry of contacts on  Allawi’s behalf beginning in late October. Most were aimed at  setting up meetings with influential members of Congress and  their staffs, administration officials, think tanks and  journalists”. The money paid by a wealthy Iraqi expatriate in  London. 

Dr. Haifa al-Azawi, a California-based gynaecologist and a U.S. citizen  who went to school with Allawi in Baghdad in the 1960s, remembered Mr. Allawi as: “big, husky man. The Baath party union  leader, who carried a gun on his belt and frequently brandished  it terrorizing the medical students, was a poor student and  chose to spend his time standing in the school courtyard or  chasing female students to their homes. His medical degree is  bogus and was conferred upon him by the Baath party, soon after  a World Health Organization (WHO) grant was orchestrated for him  to go to England and study public health accompanied by his  Christian wife, whom he dumped later to marry a Muslim woman. In  England he was a poor student, visiting the Iraqi embassy at the  end of each month to collect his salary as the Baath party  representative. According to his first wife and her family members, he spent his time dealing with assassins doing the  dirty work for the Iraqi government, until his time was up and  he became their target”. It is not uncommon in Iraq during the  Baath Party rule to give special favours for those who choose to  serve its agenda.  

A report in The New York Times  described the INA  (funded  by the CIA of course), as “a terrorist organization. In the  early 1990’s the INA sent agents into Baghdad to plant bombs and  sabotage government facilities under the direction of the C.I.A.,  several former intelligence officials say, they also bombed  movie theatres and school buses full of children”.  Furthermore, the Times reported “[i] n 1996, Amneh al-Khadami,  who described himself as the chief bomb maker for the Iraqi  National Accord and as being based in Sulaimaniya, in northern  Iraq, recorded a videotape in which he talked of the bombing  campaign and complained that he was being short-changed money  and supplies. Two former intelligence officers confirmed the  existence of the videotape.”[W]e blew up a car, and we were  supposed to get $2,000 but got only $1,000′ Mr. Khadami  alleged told The Independent in 1997”. Who the Americans are  fighting in their “war on terror”? 

The Iraqi born novelist and artist, Haifa Zangana  wrote in The Guardian of London: “The  CPA also ignores the violent activities of the four militias in  Iraq, which have taken the law into their own hands: the  peshmergas of the two Kurdish parties; the Badr brigade of the  Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq; Ahmed Chalabi’s  troops; and the ex-Ba’athist Mukhabarats under Iyad A[l]lawi’s  national accord. These militias are run by members of the IGC  and no one can touch them. No high-ranking official of Saddam’s  regime has yet been prosecuted either, despite the wish of most  Iraqis that they be bought to justice”.   

In September 2003, Akila Al-Hashimi, a female  member of the council, was shot  and died later of her wounds. A rotating president of the  U.S.-appointed council was  assassinated on May 17 in a car-bomb attack on his  convoy west of Baghdad. At least 1000 professionals and  intellectuals have been murdered. “Many  academics fear a deliberate brain drain is now being executed through murder. The mukhabarat (secret intelligence) of all the  surrounding countries are active here: Mossad, the Iranians,  Turks, Kuwaitis, Jordanians, Syrians,” said an unnamed  academic. “They are settling scores with each other, with the  Americans and the Americans with them”. “Why  are they still detaining university professors if they are re-analysing  their own intelligence on whether Iraq possessed weapons of mass  destruction?” Gulshan Husayn, wife of Dr Ali al-Zaak, detained dean of Genetic Engineering at Baghdad University told Al-Jazeera.   

The U.S. is not interested in genuine democracy,  the democracy of one citizen, one vote. In fact, the U.S.  refused to allow local elections in Iraq last summer. The U.S.  administration is interested in a U.S-controlled democracy. The  kind of democracy enforced on the people of Latin America. In  Allawi’s Iraq, if he survived, elections will be an open  contest but that candidates have to be vetted in an opaque  process achieved by the return of many thugs of the old regime.   

After more than  thirty years in exile (London and Washington) and a “bogus”  medical degree, the Iraqi people expected “their” Prime  Minister to speak their language, not broken English. Unfortunately, Dr. Allawi has failed the Iraqi people. How can  Dr. Allawi and those around him watch their compatriots (the  Iraqi people) abused, tortured, raped and murdered by the same occupying forces they are collaborating with. He should learn to  speak the language of the vast majority of the Iraqi people. He  should learn to say: End the occupation; free the Iraqi people  from America’s violent militarism.  
Ghali Hassan lives in Perth,  Western Australia. He can be contacted on:

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