Doh! How to make text links easily on Agonist Scoop

Now that many of us finally got that a href html code thingie down, after a year or so, I found this on Daily Kos’ instruction page:

  1. Type a left bracket: [
  2. Paste or type the text you want to use for the link.
  3. Type one space.
  4. Paste the url.
  5. Type a right bracket: ]

Voila, Scoop’s auto format will make you one of them fancy text links like those hoity-toity editors and regulars do.

Mini-rant: Why don’t those frigging software writers and sellers know how to say this somewhere where someone selecting the software for use will notice it? Grrrrrrrrr. Why is it always a secret that one has to find out somewhere on the internet? Grrrrrr. How can nerds be trained to understand the rest of the human race? Grrrrrrr. Maybe something like this would work: hey techies: you want to be like Microsoft all your life?

2 Replies to “Doh! How to make text links easily on Agonist Scoop”

  1. to Scoop, and we were trying it out, I discovered by accident that “wiki” code worked for bold and italics, i.e., using the asterisks or underlines on either side of text.

    Agonist’s technologist C rated me a “5” on that comment, and then commented himself, something like “curses, my plot to make everyone learn html foiled again”.”

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