Building a bridge back away from the 21st century

‘Bombers, racists, the law: they’re all out to get Muslims’
The Observer July 24 – …Almost one in four British Muslims sympathise with the motives of suicide bombers, according to a YouGov poll published in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph. More than half say that, whether they sympathise or not, they understand why some people behave in the way they do.

The research also showed that nearly one in three thinks that Western society is decadent and immoral and should be brought to an end. Sixteen per cent of British Muslims told the survey that they do not feel loyal towards Britain and 6 per cent went as far as saying the London bombings were justified….

Strange thoughts on that: I believe that many of the 1/3 of American society that is conservative also believes that Western society is decadent and immoral, and that the world is going to hell on a handcart. (So do some of the more paranoid variety of liberals, who not coincidentally, think “old liberal” ways are best.) Conserve the old ways = fear of the future, fear of CHANGE….continued after jump

In cultural history, we have a phrase for when this happened the last time: fin de siecle madness. You also had it around 1848. Too much industrial revolution et. al., so little time to adjust.

I think all one really needs to win a few of all of these people over to sanity is an international leader who says: “don’t worry, it will be O.K., we can fix this, this globalization thing/this terrorism thing/this immigrant thing, it won’t be as bad as you think, (and immigrants: some assimilation is not death,) it’s going to be great, here’s how.” The leader can even lie about it, believe it or not ;-), some people don’t care about those kind of lies, they just want optimist leadership and reassurance.

Then they move on and do it themselves.

One thing that usually has disastrous consequences for everyone concerned when the world is like this: nattering negativity and demagoguery against “the other.” “A chicken in every pot” is ok. So is “a rising tide lifts all boats.” People appreciate the appearance of fairness, but they don’t require the reality of fairness.

Yes, you can sign me,

Pollyana or Norman Vincent Peale,

on some things they were right.

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  1. the Democratic party in this country is the true conservative party and that the Republicans are the more like the Bourbon/Reactionary party. And I think your post indicates how accurate this is. Liberals in this country are pretty terrified of any change as well.

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