Poll on Agonist tactics with members by your temporary volunteer ombudswoman

When an editor disagrees with, or would like to add to, something which a member has posted as a Diary entry or as a News Queue item or as a Comment….answer after the jump

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  1. As I don’t agree with any of the answers. It is a lot more complicated. Issues, nuances, bias all have some place here. It’s a blog here, and those that take the plunge to register and post items on a regular basis are used to news queue  and  diary posts being changed.

    Comments as far as I am aware never get edited.

    Very little original news gets blogged here, and if people are not getting the buzz they need here then this cartoon probably speaks volumes:

  2. most time on the antagonist two years i spose. . . but i’m seeing a troll-like behavior here. . . i know artaappraiser’s been here for a long time and i like many of her/his news posts. . . i don’t come here to be lectured however. . . i come here to read international news and american news that is important to me that i cannot get in one place. . . . and also to read what JP has to say.  . . sometimes i agrree with him but sometimes i don’t. . . but i like how he says it and i like how he is willing to listen to other povs. . . why do you keep hacking on just him? i don’t see you listening to other people, only lecturin. . . what, did you two date at one time and he blew you off? seems that way to me.

  3. I used to really enjoy this site, and still check in hoping that I will find what I used to find here–the strong personality of Sean-Paul, collegial discussion and savvy news posting (Arta was the star in the news posting).

    I really don’t have the time or inclincation to spend a lot of time sifting through the hectoring and lectures to get my news and opinon fix.

  4. MIA 7/25/2005

    decided to “fuck you” to all?
    under interrogation for being an infiltrator?
    taking a well desrved break?
    gone to the WI State Fair?

    btw, I agree with arta on this one. (and it’s probably the only one 🙂 ) Don’t abuse editor or whatever status to make an example of someone, or their POV. Even if they’re guilty of doing the same on occasion. Play by the rules you establish. Don’t want the word “fuck”? don’t use it ever. It’s usually been my problem w/ the parapolitics here, that everyone doesn’t play on an even field. Abuse of power by moderators, et al, has been rampant in the past.
    but I’m beyond all that now 😉

    btw arta, if you see this and you’re in Milwaukee, I’m going next Sunday on the 7th. I’d say I owe you a brat after all the headaches I’ve given you!

  5. Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got.
    Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot.
    Wouldn’t you like to get away?
    Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows your name,
    and they’re always glad you came.
    You wanna be where you can see, our troubles are all the same
    You wanna be where everybody knows your name.
    You wanna go where people know, people are all the same,
    You wanna go where everybody knows your name

  6. Well looks like we might be quite different on that front.

    I always hated that song and hated that show.

    As a young twenty-something, I actually lived it, the equivalent of the show and more, and I hated it.

    My S.O. at the time, he was really like that scene in the movie Goodfellas, where when Henry shows off by getting a front table at the nightclub by entering through the kitchen. I was a grad student by day, and a denizen of the bar world at nite where everyone knew my name and I was his lady. It wore real quick, it was exciting for a year, then I ended up hating it, sitting on the same stool, listening to same shtick over and over, watching the same dice cup hit the bar over and over. I wanted to do new things, see new things, go new places, meet new people, where nobody knew my name. He, on the other hand, disliked or even feared where people did not know his name, his ego was wrapped all up in that.

    I feel the same way about the internet.

    I use it for fresh ideas, thought, challenges and inspiration.

    I already have a family and friends. (I actually use the internet to get away from family and friends–this is the bad side of the addiction. I like my privacy, too, having grown up with lots of damn people around in a crowded space, with everyone knowing your personal space.)

    BTW answer to your earlier comment here:


    No conspiracy, absolutely none. (I actually got a little chuckle that you reacted with that question.)

    I will admit this: that the use of the term “our shared values” on a post elsewhere on this forum a while ago was a strong impetus for me, a kind of epiphany or eye opener or “last straw” to get off my butt and go look elsewhere for more challenging thought and less echo chamber and less wasted time on garbage–that, combined with some responses to my Diary threads from lurkers and people who never bother to post anything that basically said “we like it quiet here; we want to be dittoheads,” it was pretty clear further discussion on the whole thing would be a really dumb waste on my part.

    And a clue for all who might be interested that might surprise some:

    On this


    I voted for: “I don’t care”.

    You see, I like to see fresh faces and fresh people try out their own thing, and have to deal with the consequences of how their audience reacts to them and their choices, and whether they learn from it, and whether they enjoy being challenged and adjusting to that, or just want to preach.

    P.S. Congrats on this:


    Watch out, maybe I’ll show up some day. But then, I am not making my way to the WI State Fair. Have too much going on here.

  7. a bit more on the ‘shared values’ thing.

    While there have always been very tempting brief periods of nuance, nuancers and nuancing, the history of Agonist as I have seen it, is becoming ever clearer that there is a guaranteed constant return to and revolving around 3 main memes to this site:

    1. I hate Bush.
    2. I hate “the media.”
    3. I dislike my fellow Americans or the more vehement: I hate Amerika.

    The alternate nuanced periods are always tempting, but then one then gets “drawn back into” (yes, Pacino/Godfather intended!) and involved in the 3 main memes. It has always left me depressed when I that happened to me. And not only is it like a monkey on one’s back, this is not an efficient way for me to enjoy learnin’ or gain perspective or pleasurably jolt my thinking. Not to mention I never liked pep rallies, I never coveted those gold stars in grade school, and I hate cliques.

    marcf still said it best long ago, I think:

    Oh my, ok, I’ll be frank.  I’m afraid that there are too many Agonistas with world-views antithetical to mine.  It’s really boring talking to conspiracy theorists.  They have a very simplistic view of the world, a few salient themes explain everything; everything makes sense, there is an immediate reason for every single true fact.

    I view the world as incredibly rich and complicated and way beyond understanding or at least prediction.  I am constantly surprised by stuff that happens, always trying to learn to expand my world to encompass more and more the more I learn.  You will see people here who have a firm and settled view of the world and new facts either confirm it or the facts are denied.  This is dumb I must say, but especially it is boring….


  8. more challenging thought and less echo chamber and less wasted time on garbage

    LMAO, so you finally decided to just outright declare yourself more intelligent & more knowledgable. Bravo Thanks for the memories

    Good luck wherever you go and whatever you do arta.

  9. first I am delighted to see you back posting. But I can’t agree with your assessment of what the posters on this site are about.  I figure that I am pretty much the average guy here meaning that I am a middle of the road liberal like SP which attracted me to his blog.  I certainly don’t “hate” Bush, I just think he’s probably the worst two term president in US history and expect history to bear this out.

    As regards the “media”, we are all media junkies. I both depend upon it and treat it with extreme scepticism.  I think this is a common view here.

    Concerning your final point, which I will, for lack of a better term, call the patriotism quotient I really don’t see this.  There are some Chompkyite America haters on this board but they are far from the norm (or Noam if you prefer).

  10. thanks for the congrats, things are going great and you’re missing a fantastic state fair. I ate a second cream puff in your honor.

    as for shared values here, I think I only share values and perspective w/ bernadene. I don’t know about everyone else.  but I do appreciate and value the shared Agonist goal of news and information collection.
    tomato, tomahto; you know.

    speaking of which, I have gobs of tomatos that need to be picked. now talk about having better things to do…   😉  

  11. both for yourself and for the Agonist when your written dissatisfactions about what you read
    overwhelmed your other interests.

    Hope you do find the spot you seek that’ll help
    you enjoy posting again.

  12. I’m sorry arta I don’t buy it.  I made that comment two years ago, it took you that long to act on it?

    “Point of view” is inevitable, “echo chamber” is not.  

    What I like about the agonist is the sheer intelligence (as opposed to brilliance) of the site.  imho there is much higher wheat/chaff here than anyplace else I know of.  (I must say that the ratio dropped some with your departure.)  Most of us posting (or lurking) are here because they are attracted to that.

    Well, I do understand your other reasons.  Bye for now.

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