The political version of Godwin's law,

the leftist gift that keeps on giving to the John McCain for president campaign:

One unhappy Republican: ….So there’s the dilemma, fellow Republicans. Do we buy the pap Miss Rice dispensed and ignore the incompetence that sees Michael Chertoff…. Or do we gag, say enough, and demand that President Bush and Miss Rice begin telling Americans bluntly that their country is in a heck of a fix in the Islamic world made much worse by the Iraq war…

Fortunately for America, the Reid-and-Dean-led Democrats are irrelevant to our decision. They are too busy describing U.S. soldiers as Nazis and keeping the shackles on their slave empire of one-issue groups long enough to lose the presidency in 2008.

–Michael Scheuer.
[A 22-year veteran with the CIA, Scheuer created and served as the chief of the agency’s Osama bin Laden unit at the Counterterrorist Center. He is also the author of “Imperial Hubris.”]

I don’t think Marek should have apologized for this comment; I thought it was excellent.

The damage that kind of stuff sitting unchallenged on liberal websites does to the Democrats is inestimable. Here’s another example. Don’t think all out there aren’t reading it and seeing it and seeing that no one challenges it. As a matter of fact, they label all of us with it because so few challenge it.

…and one otherlast thing, the nazi analog is especially idiotic.  everybody’s a nazi…  my dog is a nazi for pissing loafers…  the guy at the seafood counter a nazi for running out of tuna…  your mom is a nazi for witholding the breast when you were hungry pnce in diapers. get over, por fa…

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  1. I thought Marek was reacting to the use of Hitler’s SS as opposed to Bush’d SS<secret service>. B has used the Hitler SS comparison before so I wasn’t surprised by Mareks snark.

  2. Good to hear from you.

    So, I take it you agree with the general gist of what Marek was trying to say with his post?  Had Bernadene actually meant the Waffen SS I would agree.  And seeing how that if Marek could misread it, I bet a lot of others could too. Marek’s not a casual thinker.

    You second example of B’s post contains the post but really says “since the Nazi’s…”, and not like the Nazi’s. You may find the difference trite, I don’t.

    And you know what else? Other B’s couple of posts, might be others, I see people that complain about the use of the comparison with Nazi’s bringing it up more than anyone else! It’s really funny. Like flammbeee who -using much hyperbole- says he doesn’t care what Dean or Rove says, but will take the time to snark about what somewhat posted in a comment at the Agonist? How backward is that?

    Why are you and others trying to control the process so hard?  Kevin had a good take on the subject explaining why the right can get away with outrageous hyperbole but the left can’t. Basically it comes down to the nation being 40% conservative and 20% liberal, and that they are so much better at it.

    But does that really make those on the left that use hyperbole so wrong?  That’s unfair, and misguided IMO.  Your own hyperbole about you being labeled along with the rest of, well, everybody on the left, means you should be taking them, the ones who stereotype, to task.

    I think arguing or fretting about the micro-personal-level proccess misses the point entirely.  We torture people. We send them to be tortured. The prez has been proved a liar, his incompetence (or diliberate ignorance) has killed 10’s of thousands for a cause they now admit was unrealistic, and spent billions doin it! That money we need here at home, in my town for instance. An you want to jump on people for using the word Nazi? I truly don’t get it. Really, I don’t.

    Still, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. …in comments for nazi – This currently returns 30 instances in the last 54 days of posting or .555 times a day.  Every other day if you prefer. 🙂

    8 posts by arta contain the term nazi according to my comments search, leading in the number of occurrences.

    4 by Marek

    3 by Bernadene

    Some of these are threaded of course, and the search is only for the use, not how it was used.

    Still it suggests that any complaint about overuse of the word as hyperbole is overly sensitive. I’m sure arta’s and Marek comments were not using the word Nazi as hyperbole or descriptively per the admin or anyone else. that’s 12 of the 30 right there.

    It’s not perfect or complete, just an indication.

  4. He made a clarification. He misunderstood my post.
    I have no beef with Marek, and he knows it.  I respect him very much and he knows that too. I’ve said so often enough.
     I think there are gaps in his information, at times, and he disagrees with my view of events, often enough, as i see it.

    I don’t feel intimidated, put down or worried in any way about Marek’s responses to my posts.

    We have a sort of thing going, in my opinion, and I really like it.

    Now, do not expect Marek to give you his opinion about me.  That is not his style.

    “And that’s OK” -Stuart Smalley.

  5. “the Reid and Dean led Democrats” have described US soldiers as Nazis.  
    Yeah, I’d like to see that.

    I never said that, I never will and anyone who says that is delusional. Besides, i am not a Democrat, Marek didn’t apologize, and i have not had anything to do woth this thread until i saw my name used.

    Why, i wonder, is little ol’ me the subject of a thread I was not even in on?

    sounds like other persons or a person have the issue, not me.

    this is the kind of BS that the Rethugs always do…the label Fascist applies to their feckless and criminal leader, and his thugs, but of course, we are accused of saying the soldiers are Nazis.

    the truth hurts, so they have to lie
    to combat it.

    usually works, too, to the sheeple who follow them.  not for a really thinking person.

  6. keeps the comments rolling:-)

    i don’t like using the metaphor “Nazi” myself,
    since it deprives the writer- on reflection-  of the possibility of saying why such and such behavior is like  Nazi behavior in a given instance.

    If somebody overuses it, I’ll be the first to complain- but self-censorship as a solution?

    In order to fit in?
    With which candidate and party that can win???

    Nah, self-censorship is a big problem.

  7. bernadene- only if you feel like it:

    define the words Fascist, Rethug, and sheeple in the context of  Bush & Co. briefly so that a “really thinking person”  who’s not familiar with that shorthand might make sense of the comment:-)

    And if you don’t feel like it, tell me to take it where the sun don’t shine ….

  8. Vodka ads lure Russians with Nazi imagery

    GRAEME SMITH | Wednesday, August 17, 2005 Page A3

     MOSCOW — Miroslav Petkov threw back a triple shot of clear liquor and smiled with a mouthful of rotten teeth. The 21-year-old wasn’t effusive about his first taste of Russia’s newest vodka — “It’s not fantastic,” he said — but he was clearly impressed by the bottle.

    Underneath the words “To victory, comrades!” embossed on the glass, a red-and-black label shows a drawing of a man carrying a sledgehammer. The name “Civil Defence” slants across the bottle in Cyrillic lettering.

    “It’s very cool,” Mr. Petkov said. “Just like the old propaganda posters.”

    When informed that Nazi propagandists used a nearly identical image in their advertisements for Adolf Hitler, Mr. Petkov only shrugged. “During that period, it was all the same,” he said.
    cont @ link.

  9. I think your image
    has gone to blogger heaven on my screen( except when viewed directly), but I saw it when you first posted and never got the chance to respond.

    I have no idea what the current image is that you were asking about , do you?

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