NewsWire Blurb Competition / Mission Statement / Thoughtful, Global, Timely

An idea for a possible post and contest for readers to write blurbs

* “Why I Read The Agonist”

* Difference between The Agonist NewsWire and a mainstream media
newsfeed or Google News

* How this ties in with Agonist mission statement: Thoughtful, Global,

For me, The Agonist (including the NewsWire) is a progressive and insightful group’s
recommendations for News I Ought To See and Think About, that might either be buried
under trivia in mainstream news media, or not mentioned there at all.
Agonists read and scour both the Mainstream News Media and specialized,
other sources to dig out what they want us not to miss.

Thoughtful: In addition, Agonists do Thoughtful analyses (what I like
to call “investigative journalistic analysis” — we may not often be at
the scene doing front-line invesitigative journalism, but we often
apply the same type of analytic and invesitgative techniques to the
information presented.

Global: The Agonist NewsWire is Global because Agonists keep and eye on
important world events that don’t always make it to the International
section of Google News or the MainStream Meidia. Agonist posters like
Candy, other editors, and regular readers and posters like you, scour
the news daily and pull out What We Ought Not to Miss.

Timely: Sure, Google News is “timely” in one sense, but The Agonist is
more timely by focusing early on key developing factors that are
usually either buried in places Google, or haven’t shon up yet at all. In addition, Agonist highlights the best
(most complete and accurate for actual information) stories even for
topics that Google might have on its front page.

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