On China and Pakistan

This story about China and Pakistan is making the rounds right now and I wanted to make a brief comment on it.

I don’t think there is anything new here. China is restating its longstanding ties with Pakistan, but it’s not saying, “we’ll not tolerate any more American incursions into Pakistan.” As I read it China is saying, “if you attack Pakistan (as opposed to al Qaeda) you have problems with us.” But I don’t read this as China and Pakistan announcing a new policy saying to the US, get the hell out.

At least, that’s my two cents worth.

Nota bene: Tina, who sent me the story in question sent this email reply to me about my thoughts: “I was thinking the timing of it makes it more a message to those in the US advocating for us to go into Pakistan.”

I think that, as I told her, is a very accurate read. China appears to be reminding us that we’re diddling about in their sphere of influence and they are not turning a blind eye to us.

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  1. …is the degree to which the Pakistani press are trumpeting it. I’d give a buck for an accurate, neutral translation of what the Chinese actually said, as opposed to what the Pakistanis said the Chinese said.

    “For the most part, when people discuss international law they are using it as a tool in a broader policy debate…. Very few people, it turns out, care about international law for its own sake.” ~ David Bosco

  2. I guess I’m doing political-historical commentary by channeling Carson’s Carnak.

    So, if the “re:” line is the answer, the question is:

    Every nation has its own “Monroe Doctrine”, but how is each differentiated?

    And yes, I find myself concurring the nota bene, the Sino-Pakistani chatter of late is most assuredly a geopolitical tweet intended for the twits and Villagers whose bellicosity switch has no off position.

  3. … as much as anything … They’ve been chasing Pakistan for years … the US angle doesn’t matter because both parties know it will be ignored …

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