Kremlin-Backed Report: Today’s U.S. Elections Won’t Be Free or Fair

Perhaps that’ll teach the American government not to criticize Russia’s electoral process!

The Atlantic

The U.S. presidential election will be neither free nor fair, and President Barack Obama will win a second term in office thanks to an election campaign marred by violations. That’s according to a new report commissioned by Russia’s Central Election Commission, widely seen as retaliation for Washington’s own criticism of the Russian electoral process.

The report, released just hours before voting stations opened in the United States, was penned by a group of Kremlin-friendly nongovernmental organizations. The current U.S. vote, it concludes, falls dramatically short of international election principles. “Apart from the periodicity of elections, not a single of these principles is being fully observed in the United States during these presidential elections,” says Aleksandr Ignatov, the executive director of the Russian Public Institute of Electoral Law, one of the groups behind the report. The Russian Public Institute of Electoral Law is chaired by a former Central Electoral Commission official, Igor Borisov.

Critics say the report appears to be a response to persistent criticism of Russian elections from the U.S. government and Western monitoring groups. “Some view it as an answer according to the tit-for-tat principle, and it truly looks like it,” says Arkady Lyubarev, an expert at Russia’s independent election watchdog Golos. “I don’t believe this is a qualified study. I have very serious doubts that the Central Election Commission has specialists capable of correctly assessing U.S. elections. To monitor elections in any country, you have to spend time in that country and follow the process there.”
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