Boston Marathon Suspect Reported Dead; Manhunt for Second Suspect

The Boston Globe reports one of the suspects wanted by the FBI in the Boston Marathon bombings has been apprehended following a carjacking and chase from Cambridge, Massachusetts to Watertown, which left at least one MIT police officer dead. The second suspect is still at large and is the subject of an intense door-to-door search in Watertown, where a 20-block area has been sealed off by police conducting the manhunt.

The report in the Boston Globe has not been confirmed by the FBI or local authorities and the situation as of early Friday morning is described as”chaotic” by witnesses, who report that a violent shoot-out occurred this evening in Watertown, as two and possibly one more man exchanged gunfire with police officers and hurled bombs of some sort at the authorities. Police are advising residents in Watertown to remain in their homes and to open their doors to no one other than law enforcement officials who can identify themselves.

There are conflicting reports as to whether a young male has been killed by police, and some witnesses said another male was seen lying flat on a street in Watertown and then led naked into a squad car. Authorities are also said to be detonating explosives on the scene.

UPDATE: The suspect reported in custody is now said to have died in hospital of gunshot and explosive-device wounds received during a shoot-out with police. The suburb of Watertown is now in lockdown and residents are being evacuated as a door-to-door search is underway. In surrounding suburbs, authorities are advising people to stay home. The Boston mass transit system is now shut down, and schools in Boston and its suburbs are closed. Businesses are advised to remain closed. The individual being pursued is identified as Suspect #2 wearing a white baseball cap at the marathon, and believed by the FBI to have left the bomb that was detonated at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. He is said to be heavily armed and is also thought to be wearing explosives, as was said to be the case with the first suspect who is now dead.

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  1. You are not being told the truth, there has been repeated use of disinformation masquerading as official leaks. I do not know who it is, or why, but be advised that any hot news you hear might well be slipped in. Wait for tangible, corroborated, evidence before coming to conclusions.

  2. I agree with those saying that “shelter in place”, or sometimes called “lockdown”, turned out to be counter-productive as an aid to finding the younger brother. But as security theater it was a wild success!

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