Kelly Ayotte: The personification of everything that’s wrong with today’s Republicans

To say that Kelly Ayotte has had a very, very bad couple of weeks would be an understatement. It wasn’t bad enough that she voted against a universal background check bill favored by 91% of Americans and then tried to defend herself at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire. First she said that she was trying to spare gun shop owners from the burdens of conducting additional background checks. Then she trotted out the piece de resistance, the frequently and easily debunked argument that expanded background checks would lead to a national registry of gun owners. (It didn’t work for Ted Cruz, either.)

Things didn’t get any better when a constituent invited Ayotte to her home for dinner and a discussion of “ways to reduce…instances of gun violence.”. Unfortunately, Ayotte declined the invitation, stating that she was too busy making up silly reasons to avoid discussing gun control being a Senator to find time in her schedule. Yes, Ayotte is undoubtedly busy, but when she declined the invitation, many took it as her avoiding discussing a difficult issue. She looked small, petty, and afraid to engage constituents that don’t agree with her.

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