Matt Barber: How can so much virulent homophobia NOT be hiding a deep, dark secret?

rbertson-is-hate-thumb-270x180Today’s lesson in why I detest modern Christianity comes to us courtesy of Matt Barber. Through selective interpretation of Scripture and a virulent hatred of homosexuality, Barber is nothing if not a walking, talking parody of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Of course, Barber’s flavor of Christianity gives him license to believe that his is the One, True, and ONLY Faith©. Ergo, those who don’t believe EXACTLY as he does are in the fast lane on the expressway to Hell. So much for Christian tolerance and charity.

(Oh, and that thing about the Bible being the immutable Word of God? Do you have any idea how many people had a hand in writing it? It’s a patchwork document put together by a raft load of writers with their own agendas. It’s been rewritten and edited more than a Jay Leno monologue.)

Barber pretends to preach his homophobic intolerance out of love, but it’s difficult to see how his self-absorbed and self-indulgent “Christianity” is anything but a way to discriminate against those whose lifestyle he finds “icky.” Loving people don’t post hateful cartoons directed at the Boy Scouts of America, who recently voted to allow gay Scouts into their ranks. Loving people don’t publicly define homosexuals as “less than” and therefore unworthy of the rights and benefits that accrue to “normal” (i.e.– heterosexual) people….

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2 Replies to “Matt Barber: How can so much virulent homophobia NOT be hiding a deep, dark secret?”

  1. Let me preface my comment by noting that my 21 year old son is gay. He is also an Eagle Scout, although he is now considered unworthy to even attend Scouting events, since he is a gay adult. I would submit that Mr. Barber wouldn’t even know my son is gay if he met him, as my son is not the least bit effeminate or “icky”, as some would put it. My son is one of the most kind, gentle and loving human beings that I have been given the honor to know in my time on this earth. He volunteers for many worthy causes, speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese fluently, sings and plays piano beautifully and is in an a cappella choir at Marquette University. I am proud beyond words to have him for a son. For people like Mr. Barber to preach hate against wonderful people like my son is disgraceful and shows he is an ignorant bigot that deserves nothing but our contempt!

  2. I believe the decline in the right’s opposition to gay marriage came about after the Ted Haggard and Sen. Larry Craig scandals (plus a few others at the time involving prominent Christian right leaders). The problem for the right became twofold. First, it became obvious that way too many people who were the most bitingly anti-gay turned out to be in the closet themselves, which said a lot about the damage the closet had done to people (throw in a ton of Catholic priests and bishops into this pool as well). Second, because of the extraordinary number of such cases coming from people on the right politically and religiously, it became dangerous for anyone on the right to continue with an anti-gay campaign without putting supicions on themselves for being gay. It was the ultimate Catch-22, but it worked to shut down one of the legs of the God, guns, and gays fear campaign that brought so many evangelicals to the Republican Party.

    I think Jack’s suspicions about Matt Barber are entirely justified given all these circumstances, and that there must be people on the right who are now wondering the same thing about Matt Barber. Barber’s immortal soul may be saved because he has accepted Jesus as his Lord and Master, but his mortal reputation is in serious jeopardy if he keeps penning these stupid and demeaning charicatures masquerading as cartoons.

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