2 Replies to “Greenwald’s partner detained in Britain”

    1. Do the clueless idiots really think they have destroyed the only copy of the data?
      They can now join Dubya and declare “Mission Accomplished!” 😀

      The apologists for The Watchers always say, “If you’ve nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to be afraid of”. I wonder what would surface if Anonymous or some such tracked the politicians, bureaucrats, police and ‘agency’ folks involved and revealed their hour by hour activities over the next month or so…

      Since the NSA is scooping up everything, maybe it’s time for the next ‘Snowden’ to change the database queries and dish the dirt on state and federal politicians, banksters, lobbyists, plutocrats, apparatchiks, federal judges and NSA/FBI/DOJ personnel in particular. If the CIA/FBI can spy on and blackmail politicians, why shouldn’t the playing field be leveled? 😀

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