3 Replies to “Secret deal allows NSA to share Americans’ data with Israel”

  1. So, I’m thinking,why would Israel want our NSA data…and the answer is … They don’t want it.Our glorious government gives it to them to do things with the data that are forbidden by U.S. government or non government personnel. If we ever find out what’s being done and have those feelings of outrage, “Hey, Israel did it.”

    The government used data miners like ChoicePoint to do things the government simply couldn’t do – like the purgeof alleged felons from the Florida vote rolls (which cost Gore Florida.

    The opportunities for business espionage are increased exponentially by this database.

    The opportunities for blackmail are increased exponentially by this database.

    In some ways, it is the most shocking revelation of the entire Snowden suite of revelations.

    (And I mean “exponentially” in the technical sense – Gillian, who is a math genius, taught me;)

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