Saturday Jukebox – Hard Times

…Songs of Hard Times…
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Woody Guthrie – Talking Dustbowl blues

Cisco Houston – The Tramp

Utah Phillips – All Used Up

James McMurtry – We can’t make it here anymore

9 Replies to “Saturday Jukebox – Hard Times”

  1. There are a dozen Springsteen songs that would qualify as “hard times songs”. Here is a particularly poignant rendering of “The River” that the Boss performed at Madison Square Garden:

    (Written in 1982 in the depths of the Reagan recession…..)

  2. Tom Russell – The Most Dangerous Woman in America

    Three weeks out of prison, he drives the cold Missouri night
    Through strip malls and abandon mines out on the left and the right
    He drives into Mount Olive and the Becker Funeral Home
    Where his daddy’s lying with a cold hard stare, black lung and broken bone
    The most dangerous woman in America is buried on the edge of town
    Lookout ma, another miner’s goin’ down.

    1. If I’m not mistaken, that is the beautiful Emmylou Harris singing at 2:48 of that video. I have always thought that the angels in Heaven must have voices very much like Emmylou. What a lovely piece of choral harmony. Thank you for sharing.