Israel and Saudi Ambitions

Israel-Palestine: When the Map Lies

The US and Iran are negotiating to end the over 33 years of lack of diplomatic recognition and the US-led sanction on Iran. This effort causes the Right Wing Israeli Government to scream “Nooooooo…”.

Consequently AIPAC is putting pressure, successfully we’d assert, on the US congress to pass laws which say ‘We’ll have none of that, in THIS house, thank you,” like some dowager aunt, who has an unshakable belief in her own moral values, after being a libertine in her youth.

To us it makes good sense for Iran to have a nuclear program for two reasons, first to counter Israel’s nuclear program with which it threatens its close neighbors, including Iran, and second to provide a lever to force the US to negotiate; without an Iranian nuclear program, the US and Iran would probably not be negotiating anything.

There are some other issues in the outcome of the negotiation, to wit: Saudi Arabia. If the embargo is lifted on Iranian Oil, this has the potential to cause a significant drop in Oil prices. Saudi Arabia will hate that, for the poor royal family in Saudi need to buy their umpteenth Rolls-Royce or Lamborghini. Of course, there is also some of their other, less innocent expenditures, such as the Saudi Royal family’s support for the ever-increasing Sunni fundamentalism, and their desire to be the center of the New Muslim Caliphate.

The Saudi Royal family need some mission to support their power after their oil runs out, especially as only they know the true volume of their crude reserves; running a Caliphate and extracting taxes from a billion Muslims fits their desires well. Good strategic mission there, for the Saudis; if we were the Israelis we’d be very careful of getting to close to the Saudis; we don’t see an independent Jewish state existing well as neighbors with a “Superpower” Caliphate, and Pakistan’s nukes.
Saudi Arabia appears to us to be the center and major funder of Militant Sunnis (Salafis), and the major support of terrorism worldwide in their effort to “spread” their influence.

Saudi nationals comprised a majority of the 9/11 hijackers, and Bin Laden was a Saudi – allegedly an “Estranged” Saudi. Precisely HOW “e$tranged” we’d like explained; bin Laden kept getting funding from Saudi sources even after his exile to the “stans” – Pakistan and Afghanistan, so claims of his estrangement may have been conveniently exaggerated. The US did not publish the information on the Saudis in the 9/11 report, that part of the report is redacted, reasonably we believe. The US needed the Saudi Oil at the time.

Canada hates the US and Iran settling their differences too, because a significant drop in Oil prices would seriously damage Alberta’s attempt to mine, process and export all the topsoil from its province and replace it with foul smelling lakes of polluted effluent. However Canada’s ruling conservatives are fueled by petty greed and have no discernible desire to rule huge parts of the world. They have more chance of being overrun by the greed of their southern neighbor, one way or another.

Why does Israel not favor an Iranian-US rapprochement? Israel and Iran were best buds back in the ‘80s and early ’90s (Iran Contra, and Arming Afghanistan’s Mujahedeen spring to mind). We believe here are more crass motives for Israel’s behavior, based on their dunum-by-dunum (piece by piece) serial expropriation of Palestinian property (and water) to establish the “Greater Israel” just next door to the new “Salafi Caliphate.”

If Saudi Arabia became the Sunni power in the Middle East, it would only be a matter of time before Israel and the Salafi Caliphate began to disagree sharply with each other. A situation we’d assert would not be resolved by a soccer match between “Greater Israel” vs “Sunni Caliphate”. Israel to date has shown no inclination towards moderation in their dealings with their Arab neighbors, so there is no reason to believe that they would start demonstrating such a behavior now.

Israel’s dunum by dunum policy is an ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians for “Greater Israel,” and is accompanied by an Apartheid pogrom against non-jewish citizens of Israel (Ask the Bedouins who are Israeli citizens how well they are being treated in their relocation).

Israel needs a scary Iran to maintain their control of their allies and their own people. The sleight-of-hand by Israel is to direct the world’s view to “Iran, nukes, Iran, nukes…..AAAgh” and simultaneously misdirect attention away from their well-learned behavior at home. Just as “1984” appears now to be used by some as an instruction manual for the future, other instruction manuals for the treatment of populations disliked by their government were also published in the 20th Century (Thanks Stalin, for showing us the way, and you , dear reader, thought we were going to Refer to Hitler. We did not: We’re familiar with Godwin’s Law and its results…).

AIPAC is of course, joined with Israel’s Right Wing Government at the hip. Which brings us to two questions:

1. Why do Right Wing, and almost by definition, Authoritarian, governments seem to believe they have “Absolute Right” or “Divine Right” to bind their people forever (Which generally ends badly)?

2. How is it Jewish people are so publicly allied with RIGHT Wing AUTHORITARIAN Governance, when they have suffered so badly under other non-Jewish AUTHORITARIAN Régimes Pogrom’s and Holocausts?

We suspect that the answer or answers may involve right-wing scaremongering; after all, it’s a favored tactic. Fear can make reasonable people agree to unreasonable demands, and their right wing has become accustomed to raising the specter of Iran, or anyone else that’s convenient, as long as the phantasm they create is big enough to scare and manipulate people into letting them do what they want. (The monster-under-the-bed form of Governance.)

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