We have a race for NY Gov

   Stirling Newberry has a right-on post on the NY Governor race.

   As a NYer, I admit to having voted for Cuomo, mostly on the expectation he would follow in his father’s footsteps. Unfortunately, this apple fell far from the tree and Andrew Cuomo has proven to be just another politician more concerned with catering to power and wealth than the welfare of the general citizenry.

When last we spoke, it seemed a quixotic quest to overthrow the sitting elected governor. But since then something happened, the New York State Gov.’s quest for an unplanned exit, backfired, and now he will have to defend his record. This is still not even fight, but the odds are evening, and this is not good for the governor, who wanted to have a clean slate, shown everybody that there was no getting away from him. From D-New York down to the smallest parties that they could vote for, their was no choice at all. It would be Cuomo, wherever you looked to vote. Because the Republican was a non-starter.

      Thank you, Stirling.

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2 Replies to “We have a race for NY Gov”

  1. I spent some time in New York recently and I was aghast at the allegations of corruption and Cuomo’s dismissiveness and arrogance. The guy is a piece of work. A sterling example that not all Democrats are virtuous (pun intended)…

  2. Tho he had his faults, Mario Cuomo did his best for the People and was about as honest and sincere a Democrat as is possible in these times. Andrew is something else entirely.

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