Weekend Jukebox- Australia!

Liking it, hiking it missing it, living in it, loving in it- whatever comes to mind. I keep waiting, but Graham never does this theme…

Men at Work : Down Under

The Sundowners Bush Band: Bound for Botany Bay

Dylan? No…. (complete lyrics at source)
Paul Kelly: From Little Things Big Things Grow
together with Albert’s Monologue

The Kinks: Victoria 🙂
(Until last year, wrongly thought(why?) it was about the Aussie state Victoria, not the whole Victorian Empire. So it qualifies, sort of)

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  1. Is this Irish or Australian? It’s written by U2’s the Edge, dedicated to a Fenian poet named John Boyle O’Reilly, deported to Australia because of his poetry.

    The Australians landed at Gallipoli a little over 100 years ago (April 1915). Here’s to the Diggers of the ANZAC.

    And while this doesn’t fall to the level of cheesiness of Men at Work (since the Bee Gees are
    actually good musicians, whether you like what they do or not), here’s their first chart success in Australia.

    1. Picked Down Under for the visuals- (unlikely, I know, but true!) 🙂 . I know really nothing about Australian music except songs that are claimed by everyone in the UK and Ireland, as well as the Antipodes, and a few scraps of Aboriginal music.

      It’s hard to drop to Men at Work’s level of cheesiness, but then again, it’s been a long time……..

  2. Helen Reddy: I am Woman … and a very best collection.

    The Seekers: Hey There Georgy Girl!… and I Am Australian, Waltzing Matilda, Georgy Girl (Live, 1994) + Advance, Australia Fair… (I Am Australian Lyrics). Despite the statement in the 2nd video, they’ve reformed: The Seekers – ’60 Minutes’ (Aust) appearance, 2012.

    …and from another farewell tour, The Seekers: I’ll never find another you (1968)

    The Little River Band: Lonesome Loser

    INXS: Devil Inside

    Midnight Oil: Beds Are Burning

    Divinyls: Pleasure and Pain.

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