Jukebox: Other sides to life

For personal reasons tonight…
Back To My Roots    Other Side Of This Life    Turn! Turn! Turn!    Both Sides Now
Starlight On The Rails    Baby Blue    …and for some reason…    North Country Blues

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  1. a fair amount of heavy emotion in four “midsummer night dreams”
    until Ray clears it all up and out

    Greg Holden: Kissing Boys in the Street

    Tracy Chapman: Give Me One Reason to Stay Here

    Nanci Griffith: Tecumseh Valley
    (at Townes Van Zandt tribute)

    Leonard Cohen: Famous Blue Raincoat

    Ray Charles: Mess Around

    1. …, Or Maybe…,
      Tom Russell – California Snow

      Man, the things I’ve seen up here
      Make me think about my life
      I might go back to Riverside
      Try to fix things with my wife
      Or maybe I’ll get in the truck
      And drive as far as I can go
      Away from all these ghosts
      That haunt the California Snow.

      1. Sometimes You Just…,
        can’t keep the wolves at bay.

        Josh Ritter – Wolves

        I still don’t know how they found me
        I’ll never quite how
        I still can’t believe they heard me
        Was I howling out that loud?

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