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  1. Americans grow up with “who’s afraid of the big bad, wolf?”, not “who’s afraid of the big bad lion?” but :

    Giving a nod in passing to “Rock Star”, Yellowstone’s 637F , and “Echo”, Grand Canyon’s 914F, popular gray wolves, tagged, but still killed by hunters a few years ago under different circumstances.
    A Russian lullaby warning about wolves: Last Light
    Los Lobos :Will the Wolf Survive?

    and then back to :
    Jim Morrison of the Doors: Lions In the Street 🙂

    1. Well…., the Lions Have Me Stumped…,
      but not so, the wolves.
      Childish Things by James McMurtry.
      The wolves howl all night long
      They won’t stop and they won’t go home
      Under my window they run.
      Probably it will be alright
      If I keep it locked up tight
      and wait till daylight comes.

      Wolves by Josh Ritter
      Then one day I just woke up
      And the wolves were all there
      Wolves in the piano
      Wolves underneath the stairs
      Wolves inside the hinges
      Circling round my door
      At night inside the bedsprings
      Clicking cross the floor
      I don’t know how they found me
      I’ll never know quite how
      I still can?t believe they heard me
      Was I was howling out that loud?

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