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  1. You won’t have to search far inside an Irish ballad-even a great one- to find war, grief, and, of course, blood.

    Here’s Tommy Makem, and Liam Clancy: Four Green Fields

    so much so, that the evil Tom Lehrer had to create:
    The Irish Ballad !

    I have to say, It may be a parody, but it’s pretty brutal.

  2. OK…, Off Topic…,
    but I haven’t listened to Hal Ketchum in a while…, not sure why?
    Past the Point of Rescue
    Sure Love
    I would count the steps from here to heaven
    Every heartache I was given
    Tip my hat and walk through fire
    To find sure love

    I would chase old ghosts and watch them scatter
    Drop old dreams and watch them shatter
    Lose myself and all I own
    To find sure love
    To find sure love

    I think it is time to add a new station to my Pandora 🙂

  3. Story Time…,
    got turned on to Hal Ketchum up in Alaska. We used to “sail” up on the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry.., and back once a year for some four years. Thanks to my new Pandora station…, this one brought back a lot of memories…,
    When My Ship Comes In by Clint Black

    Yeah we used to sing, “Gonna sail right out of old Alaska” 🙂

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