India in America’s Coils?

The Citizen, By Bharat Karnad, March 11

New Delhi – It is a devastating turn of events – the indication that the Bharatiya Janata Party government will soon sign the three so-called “foundational” accords with the United States that Washington has been fiercely pushing in the past decade.

The Logistics Support Agreement (LSA) is first in line. The other two agreements are the CISMOA (Communications Interoperability and Security Memorandum of Agreement) and BECA (Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for geospatial information and data).

LSA, the most significant of these, will permit the military forces of each country to resupply and replenish, and stage operations out of the other’s military air bases, land facilities, and ports. CISMOA will allow integration of the communications networks and systems enabling the two sides, for example, to mount military actions together, assist unit and higher echelon commanders to converse with each other in peacetime and war, using real time communications links, and to share classified data and information. BECA will, in the main, facilitate the exchange of sensitive information picked up by sensors on satellites and other space-based platforms.

There are some tactical military advantages to accepting some of these accords, such as BECA which will, with digitized maps, cue Indian missiles and combat aircraft to target coordinates. But there are many more negative geopolitical and strategic consequences to becoming America’s military ally in all but name. These aspects have not been publicly discussed and the government is getting a free pass to drastically change India’s geostrategics and foreign policy. But first a bit of recent history to contextualize this development.

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  1. No surprise here. The BJP is right-wing, authoritarian, racist, violent – everything our right-wing, authoritarian, racist, violent NeoCons adore

  2. Hmm…

    What’s the benefit?

    India v China – Been tried – was a bit uphill – a mountainous task.
    India v Pakistan (and the Muslim world) – But Pakistan is the US’ BFF (Up till now). The US is renowned worldwide for having interests, not long term allies.
    India vs Sri Lanka – Hard to understand the need.
    India vs Burma – Obviously the loss of Military control is see as a threat to the US. the US does not tolerate to uncertainty a democracy has in its dealings.


    The US DoD sees and advantage to granting H2 Visas to millions of Indians to staff the US armed forces with cheap labor, and put further downward pressure on US Labor’s costs, pay and benefits, in the Forces deployed to protect (cough) the Empire…

    There’s a Knife nice Gurkha coming to the town near you (US Decommissioned vet joining your local police)…

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