Well you wanted Clinton

Well the editors here, and at dkos, wanted Clinton, and would tolerate no dissent concerning Sanders.

I have been absent since that decision. It was, in my opinion a poor decision for this blog, and a very poor decision for the Country.

And now we have Trump, a Republican House, Republican Senate and probably a Republican Supreme Count.

Thank you, Democratic Loyalists. Thank you very much. Especial thanks go to President Obama, for rehabilitating the Republicans when having a democratic majority, and then loosing control of congress to govern over what appears to be his preferred arrangement, and being able to achieve much of his goals, and few of ours.

Goodby also to the Democratic Baby Boomer generation of leaders. The hippies were correct, “Never Trust Anyone Over the Age of 30.”

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  1. What goes unremarked here is what shaped the environment to make it unfavourable to Clinton, what made the ground so fertile and the low-information voter so receptive to Trumpist idiocy.

    Frankly, that’s a lot of you boomer guys. The never ending stream of negative, conspiracy tinged, grade A, bullshit that came to dominate this place. The lazy playing to the cheap seats on the front page for years. Hell, Ian’s pseudo-intellectual onanism disguised as a journey towards enlightenment. All this crap in the name of stroking your generation’s monstrous collective ego to scratch out a few crumbs.

    When you generate never-ending bullshit that makes the reader dumber rather than smarter, that obscures rather than enlightens, that crowds out good journalism in the service of click bait, Trump is what happens. You don’t like it? Buyer’s remorse baby.

    Me, I’m going to concentrate on getting the kids engaged in the political process on the scale they should be and I am going to work to attack your generational perquisites. Your generation has made a death bet – pray that you win it because people like me will not be merciful.

    1. Eviscerating unions was a key cause, and that was the Great Generation, under Thatcher and Reagan.

      It was continued by Bush I (great generation), and then a contender for worst President ever, Bill Clinton (Baby Boomer), followed by George Bush (Baby Boomer) and then Obama (Not a Baby Boomer).

      Good luck with your mission. Congratulations on selecting the wrong target, Baby Boomers, and missing the correct target which rightly should be the 1%.

      Having the wrong target will guarantee your failure. I suggest you reflect a bit, and re-sight your objectives, before you find out that your target is an empty well.

      1. Exclusive focus on the 1% is a very useful framing of the issues for those in the top quintile seeking to guard their perquisites. The roots of this are much more broadly based and the principal driver is generational. The middle class manifestly does not include households with incomes of $250K, no matter how politically handy that is for folks desirous of the new M5. Given how the top end of the range is getting spread out and the mid-range thinning, even going as deep as the top quintile may not be enough.

        The exit polling that I saw shows union members, particularly those in the much hallowed auto manufacturing heartland, with what looks to be the weakest break ever for a Democratic candidate. All this correlates with what we up here saw with Harper – when generational politics are tossed into the mix, significant numbers of holders of good union jobs (particularly those without significant educational attainment) will go with their pocket book and vote Conservative. Not all of them, to be sure, but it produces a mushy, unpredictable and low ROI break just like this one.

        I’m now seeing my generational cohort showing up in significant numbers among the pols up on the Hill. It’s kinda uncanny in that they divide into two rough groups – those who are youth and future focused and those who see things through the rearview mirror. Independent of party lines, the youth focused ones are far and away better to work with. The rearview mirror guys – totally captured by generational interests and convinced that only more of the same tired shit could possibly work. A guaranteed bag of policy fail comprised of members desperately clinging to the best gig they’ve ever had in their lives.

        I see this generational stuff up close and personal every day. Far from an empty well, it’s a target rich environment, a political schwerpunkt.

  2. Right on Snyoia…, write on. I logged on for the first time since the demise of The Agonist with that decision as well. I scrolled back to Numerian’s post “Contra Hillary”…, sorry I have forgotten how to html…, https://agonistas.com/contra-hillary/ …, and re-read the comments…., I said at that time…,

    Earlier this week I floated another $100 to Bernie…, and now my emails asking for more are addressed to “Scott R.” instead of just “Scott”. Makes you think that there are real and thoughtful people running his show.

    I do think though…, that a lot of Bernie supporters are really just anti-Hillaryers. If it comes down to her and Trump…, the only way she will win is if the Republicans vote for her out of spite for Trump. And a lot of Bernie supporters are likely to vote for Trump rather than Hillary. I sit on that fence myself.

    Have to admit now…, I was wrong. Even with the Repugs voting for Hillary…, she still could’t win.

    And by the way…, I wrote in Bernie with my vote.

  3. Naomi Klein states the obvious: It was the Democrats’ embrace of neoliberalism that won it for Trump

    But this leaves out the force most responsible for creating the nightmare in which we now find ourselves wide awake: neoliberalism. That worldview – fully embodied by Hillary Clinton and her machine – is no match for Trump-style extremism. The decision to run one against the other is what sealed our fate. If we learn nothing else, can we please learn from that mistake?


    Neo-fascist responses to rampant insecurity and inequality are not going to go away. But what we know from the 1930s is that what it takes to do battle with fascism is a real left. A good chunk of Trump’s support could be peeled away if there were a genuine redistributive agenda on the table. An agenda to take on the billionaire class with more than rhetoric, and use the money for a green new deal. Such a plan could create a tidal wave of well-paying unionised jobs, bring badly needed resources and opportunities to communities of colour, and insist that polluters should pay for workers to be retrained and fully included in this future.

  4. Absolutely to Raja. And I have to point out that one of the few Democrats in post-war history to win a substantial majority was Obama who promised to be a liberal/progressive. Many of us knew better but the hope that he would be was enough to propel him to a significant majority. I would suggest that there is probably (I am too lazy to actually do the research and am happy to retract this statement which I am happy to admit is pure conjecture based on my perceived experience) is that Democratic majoriities in presidential elections are directly related to the degree that the candidate portrayed himself as a liberal/progressive and the Democratic degree of loss is directly related to the degree to which the Republicans were able to characterize for the public the Democrat as being a liberal/progressive. In other words Democrats are judged based on their willingness to take the responsibility of being true liberal/progressives. When they assert this the most loudly (even in the case of Obama’s obvious lies and Bill Clinton’s slightly less obvious ones. they win and in proportion to the degree they could convince the public as to the sincerity of these beliefs.

  5. I notice Jay hasn’t returned to eat his well deserved crow. Let me make the lesson so simple anyone can understand it:

    If you run neoliberals or centrists from here on out, you lose.

    You don’t excite the base, you don’t turn out the young voters, you don’t have a platform that resonates, you don’t win. Sanders gave you the platform in July, if we sack the damn DNC and get people in there who will support it, and then run candidates who speak (and vote) to it, we win. That’s pretty much it except for this: don’t you ever DARE try to shove another neoliberal down our throats as the only choice.

    1. I notice Jay hasn’t returned to eat his well deserved crow.

      Indeed, it brings a smile to my face. Just deserts…
      Good post Joe S.

  6. This country was founded on elitism and slavery and the Constitution was designed to perpetuate that arrangement. The Founding Fathers greatly distrusted the Common Man. It was no accident that those who didn’t like being exploited headed for the frontier and it wasn’t until Jackson that Joe The Farmer had any voice in how he was governed. Someone once remarked that the Magna Carta was intended to preserve the privileges and power of the aristocracy but eventually the common people got their hands on it and started on the path toward democracy. Something similar happened here, with the common man eventually claiming the freedoms originally intended to protect the interests of the elite.

    By the mid-1800s, the frontier had run low and avoidance of elitism became difficult. From then on, it was a flat-out war between the forces of Democracy and the forces of Authoritarianism. Democracy pretty much lost most of the time until the Right completely screwed things up, culminating in 1929. FDR rescued the country on behalf of The People. (Yes, it may well have been an act of noblesse oblige, but that’s better than Fuck you, I’ve got mine!).

    While there are exceptions – decent people on the Right and scumbags on the left – as a general rule we can say the Right has been combating and undermining Democracy since FDR and the only thing standing in the defense of 90% of the people has been the Democrat party. Yet the last true Democrat we’ve had was Carter and the last effective one was LBJ. Aside from them, the Democrats sold out their constituency and allowed/abetted the plundering of the economy and the destruction of the social compact. The last 40 years have been a growing disaster for about 80% of the people in the country. The chickens came home to roost. The Authoritarians won.

    This view is long-term, of course, and JPD’s outlook is quite different. That’s fine – one does not change 2016 by looking at 1816 or 2116 and I understand his focus on the political views and actions of competing groups. I think it may be a little simplistic to lump people completely by generation, – Baby Boomers vs Millennials. I am too young for the Greatest Generation and too old for the Baby Boomers, too young for the Beat Generation and too old for the Flower Children. Beyond that, my early life was in an environment that was 20+ years behind the urban experience of the day. I don’t fit neatly into JPD’s categories and I suspect there are many others who don’t.

    Trump is not purely an American phenomenon – Le Pen in France, Erdogan in Turkey, Putin in Russia, etc – but the election of The Donald gives great impetus to the trend, simply because of our global position. We might have served as a bastion against ultra-nationalism, bigotry, racism, violence. Instead, we are poised to lead the charge.

    I am moving my efforts to AfterTrump.org and the associated FB group where others recognize the danger is global as well as American..

  7. The left reacts to the left:

    Actually Existing Fascism

    So where the fuck were all these protesters when Obama was actually doing what Trump says he’ll do? Trump’s neo-Nazi dystopia is the USA that exists today, and anyone who doesn’t realize it needs to shut the fuck up and stop pretending to know anything about politics. Anyone who thinks Donald Trump is more of a fascist than Barack Obama is some combination of an imbecile, a liberal, and a charlatan.

    Barack Obama was the President who expanded the White House’s power to kill anyone, anywhere, including American citizens. If wielding power like a führer is the mark of fascism, then Obama qualified as of the 2012 passage of the NDAA.

  8. You entitled bitches just ruined the planet.

    Bernie’s math never worked, and he keeps doing The Exact Wrong Thing. You can’t see it.

    Democrats are the only thing between us the people and Christian dystopia. You can’t see it.

    Russian propagandists, trolls and hackers just rigged our election. You can’t see it.

    You won’t get your chicken in every pot, and the pot just got cranked to boiling. The pot is the planet. You just boiled the planet. The billion people dead or displaced will be on your shrugging shoulders.

    You snickered about these Clinton conspiracy theories. You demanded she kowtow to your non-workable math, that she “earn” your vote with theatrics instead of respecting her accomplishments.

    Now Trump is already violating sacred principles of the office, turning the American government into a family business and getting the wrong people people killed in Syria.

    Seriously, fuck you guys.

    The communist utopia or whatever marxist monkey wrench plan you’ve got won’t work. Breaking “the System” and dismantling “the Establishment” just lets your local bully take over, then regional bullies consolidate power. A cursory review of any hot spot on the planet will remind you of that.

    Your “revolution” is bullshit and you just Brexit’d my kid’s future.

    The Agonist is going dark for a while.

    You wanted a response.

    1. Wow, just wow. You are seriously unhinged and make “Truther’s” look like alter-boys.
      You might want to get some med’s and calm down.
      You just went down a list of conspiracies that are your twisted opinions based on not a fact to be found.
      Hope you get better soon.

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