Understanding the transition to the Götterdämmerung #1

As Adele sings, Hello from the other side. I think it is no exaggeration to say that many around the world except in Mother Russia remain shell shocked. Brexit was but treading on a lego, this drumph result is far reaching.

It is good to document things and reflect on how we get to where we are going. For this first post in the Brave New World, I would recommend you, gentle reader, to peruse the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, currently dormant but actively being recommended to initiate the Moslem register.

This article is an overview of Kansas SoS, Kris Kobach and his love of registering the alien.

Personally I think that it will provide Da’ish fresh propaganda to recruit more jihadis.

Notes: Get your Götterdämmerung on here.

2 Replies to “Understanding the transition to the Götterdämmerung #1”

  1. Given the amount of coverage Götterdämmerung has received here over the last year or so, am I invoking Godwin’s Law to suggest we adopt Richard Wagner as our composer?

    For those who do not wish to go gentle into that good night, I suggest AfterTrump.org and the associated AfterTrump group on FB.

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