Blast from the past!

HealthQuest at Vassar Brothers Medical Center

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   Siemens SSKBs, Customer Memos
z/OS Tutorial
OS Overview
Barcode printer configuration
Barcode printers installed
z800 I/O Gen
Mainframe IPL, Clock Reset, etc.
z/OS 1.7 Shutdown
CICS Shutdown
Swap FENET 1 to 2
Swap FENET 2 to 1
z/OS Components
z/OS overview
Mainframe hardware overview
Mainframe software overview
Data flow PC/Printer-Invision
   Siemens Support Desk
Defining PCs
Defining Printers
Predefined Printers
Debugging printer problems
Rerouting printout
Enabling SUT password
Disabling SUT password
Setting up SUT password
REXX'd jobs
SPARCS overview
SPARCS for Thomson
Wed/Sat Copydown
3174 Setup
Backup procedures
Disaster Recovery
Mainframe Clock
Daily Runsheets
   Mainframe status
   Outside contacts
   FENET overview
   Healthserve Phones
Handy information
REXX overview
Logic of our REXX use
Repopulating Test LPAR
Dayend overview
SUT overview
Monthly SUTs
Regulatory SUTs
Quarterly SUTs
Dayend Sched Maint
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The Irish have a saying that every man must have his vice
and there are only three vices worth having:

    the loving of women
       the making of poetry
          the drinking of whisky
A wise Native American once said there are three things a man must learn:

    who he is
       where he comes from
          why he is here
Who are you
when you're not
you think
you are?
Hey! Show dinosaurs more respect, people!
They were around 1000 times longer than humans.