Invision Dayend Jobstreams

Invision Dayend processing consists of multiple jobstreams:
     SCDAYEND - Manually started by operator
         Schedules jobs based on installed components
     DAYEND   - Manually started by operator
         Posts jobs complete based on day of week/month or function settings
     PADAYEND - Started automatically when GSPJ1$01 is started at 10:00pm
         Does Patient Accounting processing
     DAYEND   - Started by operator after midnight
         Does Clinical data processing
     CICSORP  - Started by operator after DAYEND/PADAYEND complete
         Creates files for Siemens
     PMHH     - Started by operator after CISCORP completes
         HQIT jobs

   Jobs may be triggered within GSPJ1$01 by successful completion of other jobs. These dependencies are established via a process within the application itself. To maintain the contents of the jobstreams and the relationships between jobs, logon A2K and do:

20 - Online Archecture
99 - OAS Admin Menu
36 - Job Cntlr Mstr Schd Maint
PF01 - Maintain Master Schedule

Enter P1 on Schedule ID:
Enter jobstream name on Stream ID:
    For example: PADAYEND to work with that jobstream

PF01 - Add a job
PF02 - Revise a job
PF03 - List a job
PF04 - Delete a job
    BE CAREFUL! - If you delete one that is a PreReq for others, it could be disasterous!
(I never delete a job - I 'dummy' it - See D6PIR$$$)
PF05 - Copy a job (have never used this)
PF06 - Add a jobstream
PF07 - Revise a jobstream
PF08 - List a jobstream
PF09 - Delete a jobstream
    BE CAREFUL! - If you delete a jobstream with PreReqs, it could be disasterous!

     When adding a job, would normally List (PF03) to make sure it doesn't already exist. Then you would Add (PF01) and define it, including the 'comment' field defining its function. You would also specify which jobs are a PreReq, but adding the name of the PreReq Job in the PREDECESSOR field and Asterisk in the REQ field.

     Some SUTs both add jobs and change PreReq. For example, SUT 10.1 added four jobs. The first was added with an existing job as PreReq, the other three using the previous new job as PreReq. Then other jobs were Revised to reflect the new sequence of jobs. This is not unusual in Quarterly SUTs or new DS-level updates.