Miscellaneous useful information...

To get to Invision Signon screen
A2K: Shift+F10
A2KTEST:Clearscreen; CHPS HOSP=VA7
Real 3270 terminal
A2K: Shift+F22
A2KTEST: Clearscreen; SMSN; LDT/LDT;
HHRR VA7; Clearscreen; CHPS HOSP=VA7
To force a user off Invision:
  Login A2k
  or SOFF TERM=xxxx
HTML server:
Handy OS/390 forum/gurus
To Refresh TCPIP after changes, issue command:
The IP address for Siemens to Telnet and FTP to the Prod LPAR is
and for the Test LPAR. These NAT to &
(Their connection to the router is secure, on a dedicated link).
For VPS/DRS Knowledge Base:
  Click in 'Enterprise Output Management'
  Hover 'Support', hover 'Product Support', click 'Submit Questions'
  Click 'searching the Product Support database'
  Logon as username 'healthserve' with password 'saunders'
To see Termid of a PC:
  Logon A2K
Shift+F10 gets to the Signon screen
(TermIDs 3xxx get directly to Signon screen)
You will see: 'Terminal id: xxxx'.
If Termid does not start with a number, it is not defined to TCPIP/Invision
The logon to Cyberprise is case-sensitive
URL = http://hscp.hs-connect.com/
ID = cyberprise   ...   Password = N3wCPserver
Putting CHPIDs Online/Offline  
Customer Memos and SAPs for updates
are on Siemens website.
This space for rent.