Accessing the Prod LPAR

     If FENET Card 1 on CHP(00) fails, TCPIP access and OpenLink access to the Prod LPAR will fail. FENET Card 2 on CHP(02) can be used, but changes must be made to SYS1.TCPPARMS and SYS1.VTAMLST and to OpenLink.

     These changes to the Prod LPAR libraries can be done via a local 3270 console. If the local 3270s cannot be used (nobody onsite?), Siemens or our personnel can make the changes by coming into the Test LPAR via FENET Card 2, then getting to the Prod LPAR by entering LOGON APPLID=ZTSO which uses VTAM Cross-Domain functionality.

     Siemens normally reaches our Prod LPAR via into their router, which NATs to Going to NATs to the Test LPAR at HSIT personnel would configure their local Rumba to to get to the Test LPAR. Cyberprise, unfortunately, goes only to, so if FENET Card 1 or TCP/IP is down on Prod LPAR, no Cyberprise access is possible. In lieu of Cybrerprise, I would get into the network via the VPN, then invoke some other TN3270 client such as Mochsoft (which can be downloaded for free from .

     Once SYS1.VTAMLST and SYS1.TCPPARMS have been updated and the appropriate OS commands executed, TCPIP on the Prod LPAR should be operational via FENET Card 2. After this, the only thing remaining is to reconfigure OpenLink to use FENET Card 2's MAC Adddress so that the SNA traffic can flow.