Resolving printer problems

       Go here to see how to TEMPORARILY route a printer's data to another printer    >>>

     As an example, we will use printer VPRT3SCP on DEST U1091. While the VPS defintion has only VPRT3SCP, DRS has both VPRT3SCP (Portrait) and VPRT3SCX (Landscape).

There are six things involved in driving printers from Invision:
  Functioning printer
  TCP/IP connectivity to mainframe
  VPS definition
  DRS definition(s)
  VTAM definition(s)
  CICS definition(s)

Control/Data flow is:
     The A2K application has 3SCP and 3SCX defined as printers, with CICS mapping these names to VTAM LUs VPRT3CSP and VPRT3SCX, respectively. In A2K, some PCs have print functions mapped to these printers. Users create data for these PrinterIds. This data is sent via VTAM to DRS. The link between the PrinterId and VTAM is the mapping of Id to LU in the CICS printer tables. DRS (region DRSV) will format the data as Portrait (for 3CSP) or Landscape (for 3CSX) and put the data on the JES2 Spool as CLASS=A, DEST=U1091. The link between CICS and DRS is that both refer to the same VTAM LUname. VPS will detect the Spool file for DEST U1091 and send that data to the printer via TCP/IP. The link between DRS and VPS is the common DEST value.

     When I define a new printer, I follow a naming convention that allows us to quickly identify the components. VPS/DRS/VTAM names of VBMC printers are usually VPRT3xxx. There are some XPRT3xxx printers out-of-network (Taconic Cardiac, New Century) and there are some XPRT5xxx devices in Fishkill. There are also some printers which were installed before we began following these naming conventions. Generally, the last 4 bytes of the name are the same as the CICS PrinterId, although some of the first printers defined do not match.

If you know the printer name and need the IP:
  Logon TSO

If you know the IP and want the printer name:
  Logon TSO
  enter as Search Argument
  enter LRS.VPS.V1R80.CNTL(*) as dataset to be searched


Printer reprinting same data:

    Sometimes, particularly with very large printouts, the data prints but VPS is not properly notified by the printer. Rather than flush the data, VPS reinitiates the session, resulting in multiple copies being printed. If you are satisfied that the data has all been sent and you want to 'flush' further printouts of that data, do the following:

  Have user turn off printer
  'S' on command line and enter Printer ID (to display printer info)
  Hit F8 to scroll forward until you see DEST - Unnnn
  Record the 'Unnnn' value.
  F3, then '2' to display list of all printers
  F8 to scroll until you see the printer
  'C' next to printer
  '4' (STOP) and select option 'F' to force the printer Drained
  F3 repeatedly to exit to main ISPF menu
  S;pre drsv;oa
  Scroll thru til you find the dataset you want to flush
    (matching Unnnn you noted previously)
  'P' next to the dataset to purge it from the queue
  Tell user to turn on printer
  F3 to main ISPF menu
  Inactivate and Reactivate the printer


Printer not printing:

Make sure the printer is physically operational, paper, toner, power, etc.
PING from a local PC, print from a local PC, etc.

Check Mainframe connectivity
  Logon TSO
If this fails, you have a printer or network problem

Check/fix VPS status
  Logon TSO
  S on command line, VPRT3CSP on Printer line
Should show Idle or Printing
  1 (commands)
  2 (inactivate)
  1 (activate)
If Printing or Idle, all is well
     VPS can now drive printer


Check/fix DRS status
  Logon TSO

Check A2K/VTAM status
  Logon TSO
Should be CONCT (waiting for DRS-CICS handshake)

Fix A2K Status
  Logon A2K
  Id/Pwd = LDT/LDT
Should see 3CSP and 3CSX
Overtype 'Rel' with 'Acq"

     Note: The display of the Termid will show the associated VTAM LU - i.e.; 3CSP/VPRT3CSP.
In the case of some old devices, the name may not match and the name in DRS may not match the VPS name. For example:
A2K PrinterID 'CARV' = VTAM/DRS LUname 'DRSCARV' which shares DEST value with VPS 'VBHCEMBO'.

Check A2K/VTAM status
  Logon TSO
Should show "STATUS= ACT/S"
     A2K should now pass data to DRS

If data still does not flow, there may be a problem getting the A2K Document Group to talk to the printer.
In this case, consult Joe Schneider or Christine Haupt.