You should use a PC with Rumba LightPen capabilities, since this is required. If you lack this functionality or are using a real 3278 terminal, the LightPen can be emulated by putting the cursor at the desired location and hitting the 'CrSel' key over on the left. It's a pain in the neck, but it's better than a sharp stick in the eye.

Verify SUT password
Logon A2K
You should get the SUT screen...enter your ID, Password and the special SUT password
PF11 and Signoff
If this does not work, STOP IMMEDIATELY and contact analyst.

Put SUT password into effect
Logon A2K
Click !01 - BUILD SCREEN
Screen name: GESIGNON
Action type: E
hit ENTER until you see "Enable Complete - screen now in production status"
Click !PF14 or hit PF14
Click !PF11 or hit PF11
The SUT Password is now in place
Give this password to Admitting when the outage is over