Date-sensitive JCL to be run from PMHH.REXX.JCL instead of PMHH.JCL

     PMHH.JCL contained jobs which had to be manually edited to put a date into some fields used by FTP steps, as the date constituted part of a filename. Like any manual process, this was subject to errors - clumsy typing, distractions or forgetting the proper day. To make things worse, different jobs required different forms of the date - mmdd, mmddyy, yymmdd and even mmyy of the previous month. To reduce the chance of errors, we have built jobs in PMHH.REXX.JCL which will generate the appropriate JCL with the correct date.

     The membernames are the same as the job to be executed and are the same name as the jobs in PMHH.JCL. As we change execution of a job from PMHH.JCL to PMHH.REXX.JCL, we will rename the member in PMHH.JCL member to avoid accidently running it from that library.

EXAMPLE:   Member MHHV180J executes job QHHV180J. This job uses REXX to build the JCL of MHHV180J with the correct date and submits the JCL to the Internal Reader. When you submit PMHH.REXX.JCL(MHHV180J), JES2 will show MHHV180J. You will not even notice QHHV180J unless you look for it specifically for some strange reason.

     Since we sometimes have to customize a job, there is also member ZHHV180J. This builds the MHHV018J JCL, but instead of submitting it to the Internal Reader, it puts the JCL in PMHH.REXV180T.JCL. From this dataset, it can be edited/modified as necessary to handle error recovery, failures in particular steps, etc. The members beginning with 'Z' build the file instead of submitting the JCL (Exception: Member ZGRBDFTP builds/submits ZGRGDFPT job while ZGRBDFT1 builds PMHH.REXZGRT.JCL).

     Actual JCL and REXX 'models' for these jobs are in PMHH.REXX.LIB. Before making any modifications, please consult Ray Saunders.

Some jobs are being run as part of Dayend's PMMH jobstream:
(VBHWFS renamed to VBHWFS01)

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