Monthly SPARCS data for Thomson

After running the monthly Inpatient SPARCS jobs for NY State, one of the files created will be:
Rename this file to PDSMS.SPARCS.mmmyyyy

On your PC, you should have a network drive of:
mapped to a drive letter - y, z,g, etc.
Get to the DOS prompt (Start>RUN>CMD)
Get to the drive with the RAY
Enter your TSO ID
Enter your TSO Password
GET 'PDSMS.SPARCS.Mmmyyyy'  VBMC_ mmffyyyy_mmllyyyy.txt
     mmffyyyy = date of first day of month
     mmllyyyy = date of last day of month
  GET 'PDSMS.SPARCS.JAN2008' VBMC_01012008_01312008.txt

Edit the file (VBMC_mmddyyyy_mmddyyyy.txt) and replace all CL1*1*7 with CL1*1*1

Bring up your browser
Go to
Logini with ID and Password of:

Browse to the file in your SPARCS folder and upload it.
(This takes a while - it's a big file)
Logoff and close your browser

On your Y-disk (or whatever) is a Word document MDSOPS_EDSF_Std_3.0_VBMC_Mmmyyyy.doc
(Mmmyyyy = last month)
Open this file and 'Save As' MDSOPS_EDSF_Std_3.0_VBMC_Mmmyyyy.doc
(Mmmyyyy = this month)
Close the Word window and open the new MDSOPS_EDSF_Std_3.0_VBMC_Mmmyyyy.doc you just created.
Change the filename & dates as appropriate, save and exit.

Send an email to the following:

Attach the MDSOPS_EDSF_Std_3.0_VBMC_Mmmyyyy.doc file to the email and send it