Rerouting printer data

Example of how printing works
   Document Group 3OARPD01 consists of PrinterID 3ARP
   PrinterID 3ARP defined as VTAM LU VPRT3ARP
   PC 3AD4 mapped to Document Group 3OARPD01

   VPRT3ARP defined as JES2 DestID U1155

   VPRT3ARP defined as JES2 DestID U1122 & IP

PC 3AD4 says 'print'
Data flows to PrinterID 3ADP via Document Group 3OARPD01
Data flows to DRS via 3ADP definiton as VTAM LU VPRT3ARP
Data flows to JES2 DestID U1155 via DRS definition of VPRT3ARP
Data flows to Printer via DestID U1155 in VPS definition VPRT3ARP

The Oddball Printers
     Most printers are defined as VPRT3xxP in VPS. The DRS definition is also VPRT3xxP and there may be VPRT3xxX. The CICS names would be 3xxP (and 3xxX). However, there are some printers which were defined before we started using these naming conventions. In these cases, you may need to track down the devices. For example, you want to reroute CARV on to CARW on

     Doing 3.14 to search for & in LRS.VPS.V1R80.CNTL(*) would yield VBHCEMBO for U0059 & VBHCEMBI for U0060.

     Doing 3.14 to search LRS.DRS.V1R34.CNTL for U0059 & U0060 would yield DRSCARV & DRSCARW, respectively.

     You would edit LRS.DRS.V1R34.CNTL(DRSCARV), comment out the U0059 and insert U0060.

Rerouting data
Example: We want to reroute 3ADP data to 3OOP


   Duplicate ' DEST=U1122' line
   Comment 1st occurence to *DEST=U1122
   Change 2nd occurence to DEST=U1163
   Save member
Do same for 'VPRT3ADX' if that member exists.

Issue consolc commands:
(and same for VPRT3ADX if appropriate).

Logon A2K
   Clear screen
   ID = LDT & Password = LDT
   Clear screen
For 3ADP and any 3ADX:
   Overtype 'R' of 'Rel' with 'A'
Should see 'Rel' change to 'Acq'
(If it does not change, overlay 'Out' with 'I' to force 'Ins', then do change 'Rel' to 'A')

VPS Printer 3OOP will now receive both its own data and data originally sent to 3ADP.

There may be data already queued to the broken printer.
Do ISPF A.V and display the broken printer.
If it is printing, enter a 'STOP' command with FORCE option. Then enter an INACTIVATE command.
You can then do ISPF S, PRE DRSV, OA to see any CICS data queued for the broken printer.
You can modify the Sysout from the queued Unnnn of the broken device to the Unnnn of the alternate.
If the printer had data queued from any source other than Invision (MHH* jobs, GQ data manually routed via operator, etc.). you can follow the same procedure, locating the data in the Spool by the value of the PRE xxxx you provide to SDSF.

When printer 3ADP is repaired, you will:
(and VPRT3ADX)
   Delete DEST="U1163 line
   Uncomment DEST="U1122 line
   Console commands:
   Logon A2K (SMSN, LDT/LDT)
      CEMT I TER(3AD*
      Change 'Rel' to 'Acq'

When you reroute or undo a reroute, please update member $REROUTE.
This member documents changes currently in effect.