z/OS Components

     zOS consists of some components which comprise the Base Control Program (most of which are inherited from the original Operating System designed in the early 1960s) . There are also various optional components which may be installed. This page lists what we are using at HealthServe!

       Foundation for various data-handling facitlities

       Hardware Error monitoring and logging


       DASD (disk)routines: service, error detection, maintenance

       Interactive interface for users: sits on top of TSO/E

       Job controller
         Processes JCL
         Handles Spooled output and input

       Time-sharing support for users
         Command Line interface to OS
         Foundation for ISPF

       First Failure Support Technology
         Captures errors, enviroments, dumps
         Controls error handling

       Transparent to users - interface between 327x terminals and VTAM (SNA)

       Support for building and maintaining hardware configurations

     Language Environment:
       Runtime library of components common to all supported programming languages.

       X/OPEN UNIX 95 functions
         Full UNIX Shell, Utilities and Kernel

         EMAIL (we do not use this)

     SNA (VTAM):
       Legacy communications session managment

     OSA Support Facility:
       Configration and Control for OSA hardware
         (Interface between z900 and Ethernet)

     IBM HTTP Server:
       We have website as a demonstration.
       Access is controlled via RACF

       This provides TSO access to documentation (but our 'library' is empty)
       Specific docments (manuals) must be purchased.

     SecureWay Security Server:
       RACF - Controls TSO access and access to datasets.
         Could control access to CICS if Invision were coded to use it.

     Systems Management Services:
         General file-handling services
         Removable Media services (Tapes)
         System-controlled creation, migration, restore of files
         Disk residence of 'tape' datasets
         Software event capture/logging for analysis purposes
         Operator interface to JES2 and some general OS functions