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Well you wanted Clinton

Well the editors here, and at dkos, wanted Clinton, and would tolerate no dissent concerning Sanders.

I have been absent since that decision. It was, in my opinion a poor decision for this blog, and a very poor decision for the Country.

And now we have Trump, a Republican House, Republican Senate and probably a Republican Supreme Count.

Thank you, Democratic Loyalists. Thank you very much. Especial thanks go to President Obama, for rehabilitating the Republicans when having a democratic majority, and then loosing control of congress to govern over what appears to be his preferred arrangement, and being able to achieve much of his goals, and few of ours.

Goodby also to the Democratic Baby Boomer generation of leaders. The hippies were correct, “Never Trust Anyone Over the Age of 30.”

Microsoft’s AI Bot Experimant – And the Winner is?

Microsoft recently relased a AI “Chat Bot” onto the Internet, and the result was a stunning success as an experiment.

Per Microsoft, the Bot turned into a foul mouthed, racist, bigoted entity becuse of Twitter.

Well it certainy became all of the bad things, but not becuse of Twitter.

It became bad becuse it had no Ethical Framework. An ethical framework, which in humans, is instilled in children by their mothers, family and teachers,

If they had exposed the Bot to the Gosples in the New Testament it might have had a chance to gane some eithics.

There are probably many other examples of ethical frameworks to which it could have been exposed.

The success of the experiment was the demonstration that lack of ethics results in socially unacceptable behaviour, sociapathic even.

Which leads us to an observation which seems to apply to Trump, the Republican Party, DLC Democrats, the Black Misleadership class, Universities, Health Insurance and most other corporate behaviour.

Entities without ethics.

Trumping Union Vote?

OWS BustingKaren Nussbaum, executive director of Working America, which has high membership in the Rust Belt.

We hear the same refrains all the time, That people are fed up and they’re hurting. That their families have not recovered from the recession. That every family is harboring someone still not back at work. That someone is paying rent for their brother-in-law.

And then a guy comes on the stage and says, “I’m your guy who will blow the whole thing up.”

Josh Goldstein, deputy national media director for the AFL-CIO:

In terms of his message, it is really resonating. Particularly if you are talking [about] union people, he is speaking our language. We can’t let that go unattended, because people have been doing that with Trump for a long time, and his numbers have only gone up. … It is our job to go out and educate people now, so it doesn’t cross that threshold and become a threat.

Where was the Union support for Occupy? On the streets in solidarity?

The Unions appear to support the Democratic Party more than they support Trump’s message.

And the Unions are loosing membership? I cannot imagine why.

ISDS – Unconstitutional?

8781568-legal-gavel-scales-and-law-book-on-a-white-backgroundFrom Naked Capitalism ( Yves Smith):

In November 2015, just after President Obama finally stood up to the fossil fuel industry and rejected the TransCanada Corporation’s application for its tar sands pipeline through the United States, I issued a warning: In The Hill, I applauded the Obama decision and laid out the reasons why, under current trade and investment rules, TransCanada had grounds to sue the United States under the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). I hardly need remind readers that NAFTA launched the modern era of corporate-biased investment rules, and serves as the model for the investment chapter in the TransPacific Partnership (TPP) that now awaits votes in the U.S. Congress and in the legislative bodies of the 11 other TPP countries.

Lo and behold, TransCanada came to the same conclusion that I did. They hired a giant corporate “K Street” law firm, Sidley Austin, and in January 2016, the fossil-fuel giant put the U.S. government on notice of a potential lawsuit under the investment chapter of NAFTA.

Can we, the people, file a court based constitutional challenge to the ISDS process entered into by 2 Branches of our Government, which excludes the third branch of our government from it’s purpose, disputes?

I suggest a kickstarter funded challenge to the seeming unconstitutional mechanism. I’ve read there are several, or even many, law professors who believe the mechanism unconstitutional.

I suspect, but do not know, that the limitation on a challenge is funding.

As Bernie has shown, and Kickstarter has proven over and over again, getting individuals to fund a large undertaking is possible.

If we challenge the ISDS process as unconstitutional and win in the US, ISDS probably falls apart worldwide.

Other people from other countries, especially in Europe would probably contribute to a fund to challenge ISDS.

No re-litigating the primary

I post this because I personally disagree with Jay. I may be in “wishful thinking” land in preferring Saunders over Clinton. Pragmatically, I believe Saunders more electable, and can win over Trump, see chart below.

Jay’s view:

When Sanders drops out and endorses Clinton, pragmatic progressives will do the same.


Now for the analysis:

This is a NYT chart, and the point currently being made is: Clinton only wins primaries against Saunders in states she cannot win in a general election.Clinton's Wins



Discern for oneself what the means in the General election, as my speculation could be taken for an attack on Clinton herself.

However, I’m not yet ready to embrace the theory she will be a better president than Trump, because I personally cannot trust the evidence (what there is) that Clinton will actually not pivot to the Right, so signing TPP and TTIP and TISA. After signatures you can kiss what currently remains of democracy worldwide goodbye – We’ll all be singing to the refrain of “Yes Boss”, or as I leaned the phrase, “Yes Bass” in apartheid South Africa. I perceive good futures on knuckling the forehead, too.

I do believe Trump will become the Republican nominee. I hope Trump would not sign TPP and TTIP and TISA. At least Trump’s said he is against those treaties, which pragmatically is a better position for me to support. As for the Torture and banning Muslims, we’ll have to be Pragmatic: Those memes have to be viewed in the context of of Drones, Wedding Parties, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia and Syria, Honduras, Nicaragua, Chile and others (It’s such a burden having goals of Empire and not goals of enlightenment.)

I do believe Trump’s vision of bringing jobs back to the US naive, because after reviewing my 2015 Pre-Tax filing accounting, I find my wife and son’s health insurance premiums to be about $12,000 per year, about the same as the sum of my mortgage interest and property taxes, $13,000. If I were a business manager I’d move business to a country where I can hire two employee’s for the cost of one employee’s health care in the US.

I also believe the pearl-clutching by the Republican establishment is due to their fear of Trump’s (long) enemies list. All the members of which will be purged from their positions of influence (for them that’s death sentence, because they have to retire from the scene and grow roses, and their asses will dry out due to the lack of kisses.)

Which reminds me of the Wagnerian Opera “Schadenfreude, O Schadenfreude…”

Hilarity Clinton’s Latest Message

Hilarity addresses her Donors
Hilarity addresses her Donors

At tonight’s debate, Bernie Sanders will likely announce that he has received five million individual contributions to his campaign.

Now, we’ve racked up more delegates than he has and we’re doing better in the polls than he is. But that’s a lot of contributions — if his supporters keep stepping up at a higher rate than our team, we’re going to have more contests that look like the ones we saw yesterday in Kansas and Nebraska.

We’re just 5 people away from hitting our goal in Fountain Valley. Chip in to help reach our goal and to support this campaign right now:

Unlike Jay, I cannot support Hilarity Clinton.

Why? Because I do understand her swerve to the Left (because of Saunders) followed by a sharp arabesque to the right.

Why Hilarity? because I can either scream at our choices or mock. Currently I choose to mock. Quite possibly I need an attitude adjustment (please send me a few million to adjust my attitude, and not storm troopers).

Why Arabesque? (Nice balancing act you’ve got there, pity if something Trumped it).

<mock on>

From Wikipedia:

In the first arabesque, the dancer stands in effacé position (for point 8, facing the front left corner, with the left foot in front) with the right leg raised in arabesque, the right arm extended to the side (to the audience) and the left arm extended front (towards the corner). The gaze follows the line of the arm extended en avant, so Hilarity can gaze adoringly at her rich donors.

In the second arabesque the legs are like in the first arabesque, but the right arm is extended en avant while the left arm is extended aligned with the dancer’s shoulder; the shoulders are in épaulement in line with the arms and the gaze is turned to the audience. The dancer’s face focus must turn directly towards the audience/front/direction 1, which allows a Mocking Gaze at the peasants.

In the third arabesque the dancer stands in croisé position (for point 8, facing the front left corner, the right foot is in front) with the left leg raised in arabesque, the right arm extended to the side and a little behind the shoulder, and the left arm extended front. The gaze follows the line of the arm extended en avant, placing Hilarity’s eye on the prize, and inviting others on her side to share in the spoils.

In the fourth arabesque position the dancer stands in croisé as for the third arabesque, but the right arm is extended front and the left arm is extended as far back as possible in line with the right arm. placing Hilarity’s eye on the prize,and leaving the peasants well behind to consume crumbs (if they are so lucky).

</mock off>

The New Emancipation Battle

Coroorations Are PeopleWe reference here Lincoln’s Emancipation proclamation and the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution, abolishing slavery:

Article 1: Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Article 2:Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Now to the definition of Slavery, from Black’s Law Dictionary (it is a little dated, based on current civil society) Continue reading

The Barack Obama Foundation for Constitutional Protection

ObamaJuly 2918

As an integral part of Barack Obama’s legacy as a Constitutional Lawyer and President, his Constitutional Protection foundation is focused on improving the lives of all the Peoples of the United States.

In a direct quote, Obama said:

“In harmony with my oath of office, in which I swore to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States, We are focused on enhancing and strengthening Constitutional protections for all people in the United States, in opposition to forces who practice a close reading of the Constitution with intent to devise mechanisms to exploit apparent loopholes. Continue reading

US Consequences of Single Payer

Hand+Grasping+MoneySingle payer in the UK insures the whole population from cradle to grave, is immensely popular, causes many grumbles about treatment, wasted time for chronic conditions, raises life expectancy and lowers Infant mortality in the UK, with better results than the US medical system.

It also only consumes 8% to 10% of the UK’s GDP.

The US system by contrast consumes about 18% of the US GDP, and is rising towards 20% of the US GDP, and employs 30 to 40 million people.
Continue reading

Yet Another Military-Industrial-Complex Power Grab

LuciferThe Military-Industrial Complex [MIC] is refocusing its energy into changing a new, and more profitable set of missions, with a new Infernal public-private partnership. Their success in wars to date has emboldened them to start acting in a new sphere of influence. Their earlier success is encapsulated in this quote from the Sunlight Foundation:

After examining 14 million records, including data on campaign contributions, lobbying expenditures, federal budget allocations and spending, we found that, on average, for every dollar spent on influencing politics, the nation’s most politically active corporations received $760 from the government. The $4.4 trillion total represents two-thirds of the $6.5 trillion that individual taxpayers paid into the federal treasury.

Continue reading

US Declares War On Climate Change

In breaking news, President Obama and the New Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, have held a joint news conference declaring that Climate Change is an existential threat to the US way of life, and the American Dream.TheBombingofNagasaki

In harmony with the usual bargaining process between the Executive Branch and Congress, the joint announcement covered several issues, designed to appeal to the various factions in Congress in a way that will ensure swift passage of the legislation supporting the War On Climate Change. Here’s an overview:

China is defined as the major threat to Global Warming, and must become Carbon Neutral by 2020.

Russian petroleum products are identified as posing the greatest potential for Carbon Dioxide emissions, and Russia is required to shut down its oilfields immediately, and begin refreezing the arctic to prevent its peat bogs from emitting methane. The US indicates that because Russia needs some help, it will provide unlimited tactical nuclear support, effective immediately, to achieve this freezing and eliminate all Russian products contributing to Climate Change. Continue reading

Canada Agrees to Fund Half the US Border Wall

December 31, 2015: Rush Priority

In breaking news, Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper appeared in a joint press conference to bring in the new year, and the focus of their discussion was civic safety in Canada, prevention of the spread of extremism in Canada and protecting Canadians from foreign aggression.

The two Canadian leaders joined forces to announce their unified support of Ben Carson’s Republican Proposal to completely separate America from its neighbors, by building a wall along the US-Canadian border. Moreover, they agreed to support Donald Trump’s and Ted Cruz’s wall-around-the-United-States. The press release stated, “Without Harping On about these proposals, We Support the US’ effort to transform their country into a walled estate, for their 0.1% and attendant serfs.”

“We recognize the need for a completely walled United States. The US will need a wall to the south, to prevent access from Southern Rebels, who have a documented history of violence and lawlessness, walls to the east and west to eliminate the affects of rising sea levels, which are caused by the spontaneous combustion of fossil fuels from naturally occurring processes, such as the serfs striving to keep the temperature up to enable the 0.1%’s young women to continue to be scantily undressed, because of the inability of aging Billionaires to keep up their own, umm…flagging libidos.”

The wall to the North of the United States is required to keep the cold arctic air from descending upon NY City, the bastion of all things which 0.1% enjoy.

Thus the US will be protected from all outside influences. The wall will also protect the innocents outside the US from random gunfire from lone wolf terrorists, and the alarming rate of accidental discharges from US police firearms.

The Canadian Government will fund 50% of the cost of the wall between Canada and the US for four reasons. First, we want to keep our cold air for ourselves in the face of Climate Change. Second, we want to continue the North America tradition initiated by the US, of controlling lawless southerners. Third, it will help to preserve our leadership in ice hockey, and Fourth, it will facilitate controlling the flow of American guns and ammunition illegally to Canada.

Two items of related news have recently come to our attention:

1. Smith and Wesson have filed an ISDS suit against over 120 countries around the world for preventing the open sale, carry and use of firearms, stating that these restrictive laws are damaging Smith and Wesson’s potential profits worldwide, while removing the beneficial effects of gun ownership, including controlling climate change by eliminating surplus population.

2. Texas has announced it will build its own wall around its state, funded by the federal government, because Texans believe all the non-Texan taxpayers in the US owe Texas for its leadership in civics. Texas hopes the wall will span a large enough area for either President Donald Trump’s or President Ted Cruz’s ego to find a new home, or should they fail and President Hilary Clinton is Elected, to keep President Clinton’s triangulation out of Texas. An unnamed source explained, “Everything’s bigger in Texas, but even Texas is not large enough for either Clinton’s Triangles. Nothing is large enough for that.”

ISIS Raining Terror – Feature or Problem?

Obama on Paris Attacks: ‘ISIS Is the Face of Evil’ – NBC News
France launches fierce assault on ISIS targets in Syria in coordination with U.S. defense officials – The Washington Post
Obama Says Paris Attacks Have Stiffened Resolve to Crush ISIS – NY Times

The following is a theory, on cause for the effects noted above.

As a side note, I, and probably others, received an email noting there is a new publisher for The Agonist, and would I consider posting here. My answer is yes, and I’ll post about cause and effect, especially root cause, which IMHO is much missing from our wonderful press, and in satire, where we can lavishly praise on our exceptional leaders, whose clarity, foresight and intuition we always treasure, and how our wonderful press holds these leaders to account to support an agenda which promotes our general welfare.

Middle East and Asia

We know that ISIS receives funding and weapons. From where does their funding arise, and what country manufactures their weapons and ammunition?

Parties in this are Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, Russia, the United States and China. Three regional powers, and three world powers, all with their own agenda.

We will assume that all these powers are playing parts in a 21st century version of “The Great Game.”

Please note: Wahhabi is not a form of Japanese mustard.

Dimensions at play are religious — Wahhabi vs Muslim Brotherhood, Shia vs Sunni, Christian vs Muslim, and geopolitical – Eurasia (China and Russia) vs The United States.

Turkey (Muslim Brotherhood) is undergoing an extraordinary transformation under Erdogan, wherein he is trying to assume great powers over the state in his new office as President. With his party’s success in the most recent elections, he appears assured of gaining these powers, and pursuing his ambitions, which are to remake Turkey, into a larger, Sunni Muslim state. Turkey is also a NATO member and one of the US’ allies. Turkey appears to fear Kurds more than it fears ISIS, probably because ISIS is directly or indirectly advancing Turkey’s agenda, and can be discarded in an instant should Turkey so choose, by invading northern Syria.

Continue reading

Chaos, Markets and Governance…Proof?

Let’s dwell on a fundamental aspect of Markets, pricing. This interest was triggered by reviewing Keynes’ equation for liquidity traps, and the rate of change of the cost of short term money, wherein the cost of money is expressed as interest, which is controlled by Central Banks.

An interest rate is a velocity. Velocities measure changes over time. Traveling in a car, velocity is the number showing on the speedometer. A power dam might measure the amount of water it releases per year– possibly in millions of cubic meters per year. Interest Rates are the Cost of Money, or profit from money, depending if one is a borrower or lender.

This now raises one more question: How is the model of interest rate changes, and thus all process changes, related to investor behavior in a market?
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Republican Outrage at Democratic Personal Attacks

Republicans in Congress are united at denouncing the latest democratic attack on Republicans.

A statement from Speaker Buhner’s Office reads:

Democrats are using Onomatopoeia, alliteration, and bathos to attack prosaic yet grammarless Republicans. We believe this new attack slanders Republicans and especially mocks the Republican Tea Party base. This use of satire and humor is beyond all tenets of civilized debate, and we believe this foul behavior could even lead to a severe and continued attack of sarcasm.

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