Author: Don Henry Ford Jr.

Rick Perry for president

Believe it or not, kiddos, there was a time when people got married before they get divorced.

Wonder if we should impeach a president before he gets elected.

Ex-Texas-governor Rick Perry announced he’s running.

Last I heard, he was under criminal indictment (and it was a bipartisan group that filed the charges).

He did, however, announce that the charges were ridiculous and moved on.

Oh. OK. Rick Perry for president, then.

Kingdom of Shadows–the aftermath

I spent the last three days watching Bernardo Ruiz’s Kingdom of Shadows at the SXSW movie festival in Austin. I appear in the film, along with a nun from Monterrey, Mexico and an agent from the Department of Homeland Security in El Paso.

After screenings, we took questions from the audience, but sessions were too short to adequately address issues related to the subject matter of the film—the effect of drugs and drug prohibition on our societies.

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Dmitri Orlov: How to start a war and lose an empire

I somewhat infrequently read Dmitri Orlov. He’s Russian born, but moved to the US as a child, was educated here and wrote a book called Reinventing Collapse which I found illuminating. He recently penned a piece about our indelicate handling of the rest of the world, taken from his Russian perspective. I don’t necessarily share all of Dmitri’s beliefs, but I do think it important to understand how the world looks from the vantage points of others. How to start a war and lose an empire.