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Kingdom of Shadows–the aftermath

I spent the last three days watching Bernardo Ruiz’s Kingdom of Shadows at the SXSW movie festival in Austin. I appear in the film, along with a nun from Monterrey, Mexico and an agent from the Department of Homeland Security in El Paso.

After screenings, we took questions from the audience, but sessions were too short to adequately address issues related to the subject matter of the film—the effect of drugs and drug prohibition on our societies.

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Legalized marijuana poised to capture America’s imagination

Overshadowed by the recent budget and deficit grand farce in DC, Washington State and Colorado have promulgated the regulations under which marijuana will be sold. This comes in the wake of 2012 referendums that legalized the private growth and use of pot in the two states. Mark Karlin, Editor, BuzzFlash at TruthOut.or

The video to the right is a concise documentary on Washington State’s venture into legalized marijuana. Colorado also took the leap. More on that later. But the Rubicon has been crossed. State by state, for better or worse, marijuana is going to spread across the country in short order.

Maybe we’ll get the chance to take advantage of industrial hemp, a huge source material for a variety of essential products, including paper!

As for Colorado …
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