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Training Wheels


I can see why too many posts in a short amount of time might be unwanted. But here I was, just enjoying the morning, listening to the birds, calmly hunting and posting as if on Prozac, and again I was sent to my room for a time out.

Aside from the lost post, I have no idea when I can post again, and I risk losing another post for trying.

OK. I’ll go read or clean my room. But it’s not my fault. 🙂

BTW, I take the view that once I’m here, I’m here. I don’t do the back and forth thing between sites. Look forward, I say.

Onward and upward, full speed ahead.

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Day Two.

This thing is bringing out the best in me — I’m sharing. And I love it.  LOL.

What a blast it is to spread the word. And so far, I’m enjoying most of what I read here.

Great work people.  In time this will be the only place to be.

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Ideas From Sean-Paul

Sean-Paul posted this in the Everything Else Agonist thread about

To those of you who have so kindly offered to volunteer:

Here are some of my ideas:

1.) I like the ‘exact’ dimensions which divide Dailykos’s three columns. See for exact dimensions.

2.) I like the thin border line between them as well, although the color needs to be changed. Color appropriate to The current Agonist colors.

3.) I have a small banner (actually two graphics) that I would like placed in the top left column. I have included them. The file names are: agonist1.gif and agonist2.gif

4.) I want The Agonist font to be Palatino Linotype. In all sections. Everything.

5.) I have a list of categories but I do not know how to set them up.

6.) I want to install blogads to the right column.

7.) I want to have all of the admin, login, category, archives, menu etc. . . on the Left column. I want the menus to be similar to those at yet obviously a.) different colors and a bit different stylistically. Kos has been really cool about cribbing from him but I do not want to go overboard.

8.) And I want the the agonist1a.gif file to be in the browser bar.

9.) I want the scrolling bar to be like it is on the Agonist now.

10.) I want ten entries to show on the Front Page.

11.) I want three sections: Front Page, News Only, and Diaries. And I want these three choices in the main menu in one of the colums, not at the top where they are now.

Can any of you do this? Is it doable?



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Reagan's Legacy

Ronald Reagan’s presidency was a watershed in the history of the Republican Party. Not because it was the point at which the Republicans definitively abandoned fiscal responsibility as an element of the party platform; the huge increase in deficit spending under Reagan was more of a side effect of lowering taxes for the rich and increased military spending than an actual change in the fundamental orientation of the party. Neither does Reagan’s habit of reasoning by platitude nor his outright anti-intellectualism strike me as particularly novel factors on the American political scene. What strikes me as truly innovative in Reagan’s political program was his policy of unabashed duplicity.
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The Foreign Policy of Big Oil

The Foreign Policy of Big Oil

By Worldwise
May 18, 2004

In testimony given before the 9/11 commission Codoleezza Rice said, “The terrorists were at war with us, but we were not at war with them.” If, as Rice’s comment suggests, we were not at war with terrorists, why weren’t we? Going back more than twenty years blocks on investigations, secret deals, and the influence of oil companies working in tandem with current and former U.S. Government officials, goes directly to the heart of the mandate bequeathed to the 9/11 dais.

This article is a follow up to this one.

Comments and suggestions not only welcome, but encouraged. It’s a trial by fire.

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i got to d.j. a wedding party for this sexy hunk of beef last night.  he just signed a contract with manchester united for 4.9 million, decided to come back to memphis and buy a home and throw a party. i made sure the party was ‘krunk’ and once our time was up, he wanted us to stay longer.  unfortunately for me, the holiday inn we were throwing the party at didn’t let me stay longer than my set (they did let me do an additional 20 minutes, which i was thankful for).

i really wish he would have thrown this party at his new home instead of opting for a cheezy hotel bash.  oh well.

a good time was had by all…
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Atomic wrist-watch

Physics: The atomic wrist-watch


Robert Wynands is at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Bundesallee 100, 38116 Braunschweig, Germany.

Tired of having to set your watch every now and then? Well, how about an atomic clock on your wrist? Developments in technology and timing techniques could make this a distinct possibility.

Modern society relies heavily on precise timing. The most accurate timing devices — the primary atomic clocks in national metrology laboratories — each take up as much space as a large wardrobe and keep time with an accuracy of 1 part in 1015, or 1 second in 30 million years. Not everyone needs this level of performance, and stability to about 1 part in 1012 is possible in shoe-box-sized clocks. Several thousand such devices are in use worldwide, for instance in telecommunications, to synchronize high-rate data transmission in multi-user networks. A much wider range of application would open up if the clocks could be miniaturized further and produced in an affordable way.
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