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Thursday Night and Beyond… Jukebox: Water & Wine

OK, Agonistas- this week has been beyond horrible- every single story of ours since the last Jukebox, every news outlet, every blog site – look at them, look at us!
Sometimes that world’s just too much to take nonstop.

So though the regular Jukebox usually kicks in on  Saturday,
a special early one to help get through this week together
whatever other news stories come in.

“Water & Wine”, Not necessarily sacramental 🙂
Songs on one or both, whatever you make of this.
Regulars, try to come up with something you haven’t had a chance to get to before.

Post away!


First water- then wine from me

Led Zeppelin: When the Levee Breaks

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Republicans Suck

Would You Buy A Used Hostage From This Man?


Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl can expect a buoyant homecoming after five years in Taliban hands, but those in the government who worked for his release face mounting questions over the prisoner swap that won his freedom.

Even in the first hours of Bergdahl’s handoff to U.S. special forces in eastern Afghanistan, it was clear this would not be an uncomplicated yellow-ribbon celebration. Five terrorist suspects also walked free, stirring a debate in Washington over whether the exchange will heighten the risk of other Americans being snatched as bargaining chips and whether the released detainees — several senior Taliban figures among them — would find their way back to the fight.

U.S. officials said Sunday that Bergdahl’s health and safety appeared in jeopardy, prompting rapid action to secure his release. “Had we waited and lost him,” said national security adviser Susan Rice, “I don’t think anybody would have forgiven the United States government.”

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Germans Break from US Storyline on NSA Snooping

German Bundestag
German Bundestag

“We’re lucky to have had Snowden.  Without him, this surveillance that is not permissible under international law would have continued for a long time. In Germany, there are prison terms for such spying.” Hans-Christian Stroebele, Bundestag Intel Committee – McClatchy News, July 18

That’s an unambiguous endorsement of Edward Snowden’s whistle blowing on the systematic, pervasive, secret, and illegal U.S. spying on allies.  Perhaps Herr Stroebele can serve as a character witness at Snowden’s upcoming trial, the great white whale of the Obama administration.

The Snowden plug is part of a much larger story on German claims that NSA surveillance, presumably of allies, helped prevent five terrorist attacks in Germany over the years.   German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich paid a visit to Washington last week.  The administration took him to school on the benefits of United States surveillance programs.  He came back to Germany stating that the spying prevented five terrorist attacks on “German soil.”

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