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Barack Obama: Two Time Nobelist?

You’ll no doubt recall the hue and cry when Barack Obama was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for his stand on nuclear non-proliferation and his attempts to engage the Muslim world. Both the right and left in this country had great sport at this — and here I’ll agree — premature awarding of a prize to a man with few signal accomplishments in foreign policy, apart from being “not Bush”.

Six years later and I think it’s time to give him the Prize for real this time. Think about this past year: for a man who started his administration hoping to hit singles and doubles in foreign policy (consumed as he had to be by the domestic economic crisis), he’s kind of knocked a couple out of the park, provoking admiration from aboard and from mainstream Americans, and consternation from the idiot fringe that will sit on perches and poop all day, parroting “Obama bad, BRAWK!” Continue reading

Fascists and Army Head for Kiev-Maidan

“The best laid schemes o’ mice and men (and US/EU warmongers) gang aft a-gley”.

Looks like events are outpacing plans. Expect a lot of Faux News in the coming days.

I suspect it’s happening too fast for the US/EU to do anything except bitch and moan. I think Putin’s response will be the chief unanswered question of the moment.

As much as US would love to have The Ukraine in NATO, it is not there yet, so even if Russia upped the ante, the only excuse left to the NeoCons is R2P and I think the world – including the American people – have gotten tired of and wise to that ploy, given the situation in Libya, Iraq, Syria and our other failed missions.
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Russia Will Only Get Worse. Maybe.

Putin is on the horns of a dilemna. For the first time since the dismantling of the Soviet Union, Russia faces a severe economic crisis – after enjoying years of relative prosperity – and she has a warmongering chief executive. This is a nexus of events that will shape and define Russia for at least the next decade.

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Russia to Deny United States Access to International Space Station Starting in 2020

(The Diplomat) – As U.S.-Russia relations reach their lowest point since the Cold War over the crisis in Ukraine and Russia’s decision to annex Crimea, both sides have been keen to punish the other for what they perceive as unjustified and inappropriate behavior on the international stage. The United States has already hit several high-profile Russian individuals and firms with sanctions in an attempt to increase the costs of Russia’s decision to annex Crimea and foment unrest in eastern Ukraine. Russia, for its part, does not have the economic clout to play tit-for-tat with the United States on economic sanctions, but it has moved to hurt the United States’ space program by denying the United States access to the International Space Station (ISS) beyond 2020.
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Former German Chancellor Celebrates 70th Birthday with Putin

Given the current Ukraine crisis, former German chancellor Schröder felt it was inappropriate to invite Putin to his official 70th birthday bash in Germany.  So instead he opted for yet another birthday party with his friend in Saint Petersburg (link to German news article).

Putin, who is fluent in German, hugs his friend Schröder as he arrives to his birthday party in Saint Petersburg.


The Great Expectancy

Pax Americana continues to crumble before our eyes. The belief that the United States has a divinely-inspired obligation to police the entire world has always been most strongly held among Americans themselves; some of the beneficiaries of this largesse, such as the Vietnamese and most recently the Iraqis, never quite showed the gratitude America felt it had earned by bringing them liberty, freedom, justice, and a Starbucks Grandé Mocha every morning on their way to work. Of course, it takes a lot of effort to keep Americans invested in the Pax Americana dream, especially since to make the dream mean anything the U.S. has to have “boots on the ground” in strange places that seem to have little to do with American security. Continue reading

US Hege-Money Threatened By Vlad-the-Invader’s Russin into Ukraine

Hege-Money: Hege-money, (“leadership” and “rule”) is an indirect form of government, and of imperial dominance in which the hege-money-lender (lending institutions) subordinate states by the power of money, rather than by the threat of force.

This is an extrapolation of the behaviour of two sets of Powers. It considers the hidden agendas on both sides, and because it is both explanatory and tries to project the possible motives, it is speculation.

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We Don’t Even Have to Lift a Finger

Someone buy this poor destitute man a shirt, please!

The morons in Conservativeville have been braying their lust for President Putin, the overweight exhibitionist who shoots sedated tigers and calls himself a hunter (no wonder rightwingers love him: he shoots guns at defenseless animals then calls himself a man). In turn, they call Obama weak, feckless even. Continue reading

Putin On The Fritz

Well, we’re literally days away from the opening ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics, and Vladimir Putin is starting to see his chickens come home to roost:

The Olympic teams of Germany, Hungary and Italy said Wednesday that they had received emails threatening attacks at the Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, adding to mounting security fears two weeks before competition begins.

The International Olympic Committee told NBC News that it did not consider the threats credible and said that they appeared to be “a random message from a member of the public.”

Still, the threats arrived as Russian security forces were hunting for at least five suspected terrorists who may be plotting attacks against the Olympic torch relay or the games themselves, according to noticed posted in Sochi.

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Imma Guess the Olympics Has Claimed Another Victory

Now if we can only get Putin to change his mind about teh gheys:

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia’s parliament on Wednesday passed an amnesty bill that will likely apply to the 30-member crew of a Greenpeace ship detained after an Arctic protest, but it wasn’t immediately clear if and when the activists would be allowed to leave the country.

The amnesty, which also would likely free the two jailed members of the Pussy Riot punk band, has been largely viewed as the Kremlin’s attempt to soothe criticism of Russia’s human rights records ahead of the Winter Olympics in Sochi in February. But opposition lawmakers argued it doesn’t go nearly far enough and the complicated legislation appeared to leave many questions open.

The State Duma on Wednesday voted 446-0 in favor of the carefully tailored bill, which mostly applies to those who haven’t committed violent crimes, first-time offenders, minors and women with small children. Lawmakers said they expect about 2,000 people to be released from jail.

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Putin over Obama, Assad trumps Cameron and Hollande – Poll on Syria Deal

YouGov Poll
YouGov Poll

Vladimir Putin was endorsed by nearly 50% of United States citizens polled on the most effective leader during the attack Syria crisis.  Putin topped President Barack Obama by 24 points.  While scoring in single digits, Syrian President Bashir al-Assad got a 9% endorsement as the most effective leader, ahead of United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and French President Francois Hollande.

No comment yet from the White House on the  poll results.  However, one must wonder if there are  yearnings for Putin endorsements by Democratic House and Senate candidates in upcoming elections.

The results are little surprise.  Obama’s job approval rating has hovered between 43% and 47% since the start of September.  While the president’s performance is less than stellar it could be worse. Continue reading